Russian MoD: Most Civilians Evacuated Terrorist-Controlled Territories of Eastern Ghouta

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation has been supervising evacuations of civilians via humanitarian corridors in the Eastern Ghouta. General Major Vladimir Zolotukhin, the representative of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation, reported that refugee inflow from the Eastern Ghouta is reducing. “Most of the civilians have already left the territories controlled by terrorists”, he said.

Some groups of citizens are leaving the area now. The Russian Centre for Reconciliation is focused on providing medical aid, hot meals and distribution of bed linen and the bare necessities among refugees in temporary accommodation facilities.

The Russian Centre’s specialists provide hot meals and food supplies at checkpoints and in refugee camps. In total, 6,000 residents of the Eastern Ghouta were provided with food. Distribution of hot meals and food supplies carries on.

“Besides, Russian military airplane delivered extra batch of humanitarian relief. The cargo contains bed linen – matrasses, blankets, cushion s and other necessary items for refugees. The total weight of cargo is 15 tons”, Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin reported.

Russian Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces

Situation in Syria

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides is supervising an unprecedented and unique humanitarian operation in the Eastern Ghouta.

Over the past five days, 79,655 people have been evacuated via the humanitarian corridors from the Eastern Ghouta. More than 65% of its area has been liberated.

Russian officers are focused on safe evacuation of civilians from blocked areas as well as on delivering humanitarian aid from Russia to Syrians, who left the enclave.

In a short period time, 427 tons of food supplies, and field kitchens with bottled water, 7,100 matrasses and sets of bed linen as well as 91,819 food sets were delivered to the country. In total, 21,840 civilians are provided with hot meals.

Meanwhile, the Centre secured safe access of three UN humanitarian convoys to blocked suburbs of Damascus in March as part of the humanitarian operation. The convoys delivered more than 445 tons of cargo.

The Russian Centre coordinates its work with the UN, ICRC and SARC organizations.

“Despite regular attempts of terrorists to undermine peaceful initiatives in the Eastern Ghouta, the Russian Centre holds negotiations with leaders of armed formations in order to cease hostilities and prevent humanitarian disaster. All the taken measures have led to general stabilization on the outskirts of Damascus”, the Defence Minister announced.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation