Mass Rally in Aleppo Protesting Turkish Aggression


Aleppo-Sana Arabic

Thousands of people from the city of Aleppo held a public rally today in the Saadallah Jabri square condemning the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, which caused the displacement of thousands of families from their towns, villages and cities.

The participants raised national flags and banners condemning the Turkish aggression and international silence about the suffering of the Syrians from the city of Afrin and its villages, who were displaced by the Turkish aggression which continued for more than two months to support terrorist groups associated with Turkey.

The participants said that Syria will remain united in land, people and army, and every aggressor will be defeated, demanding that the Turkish forces leave Syrian territory immediately.

Sheikh Mohammed Rami Al Obeid, Director of the Awqaf of Aleppo, pointed out that the rally is a clear message from the people of Aleppo that “the Syrian people are one and the Syrian land is one and the brutal Turkish aggression on our land is absolutely rejected.” As Aleppo, Deir al-Zour and others were freed, Afrin will be liberated and cleansed of Turkish invaders, terrorist organizations associated with them.

George Bakhash, who participated in the rally, noted that what is being done by the murderer Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the terrorist organizations associated with him is a crime against humanity and we do not see any effective international action against this brutal aggression, which raises the question of the double standards of the major colonial powers, the United Kingdom and France, which are praising human rights while at the same time keeping silent about such crimes.

Waela Ziadeh pointed out that this, such as any aggression that targeted the land of Syria and its people, and will only suffer failure and the fate of any terrorist attacking Syrian land and people will be crushed under the feet of the Syrian Arab army.

He pointed out that the Syrian people are all a single nation united with the Syrian Arab army against every aggressor, adding that the Turkish aggression backed by America and hZionism is only a continuation of the terrorist war against our country and our people. We are confident that victory is our ally because we have a just cause. The homeland will be free of terrorism in the near future thanks to the steadfastness of our people and their solidarity with the heroes of the army behind the wise leadership and courage of President Bashar al-Assad.