Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala: Direct Israeli Support for Terrorists Escalates to Prolong Syrian Crisis


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Geneva-Sana Arabic

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Hossamuddin Ala, stressed that since the occupation of the Syrian Golan in 1967, the Israeli authorities have not ceased to violate international law, Security Council resolutions and the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention to establish their colonial occupation. Of Security Council resolution 497,  affirmed the illegality of the imposition of its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan and considered it null and void, without legal effect, and called upon occupation authorities to abolish it immediately.

In a statement to the 37 th session of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Ala said that since the beginning of the war on Syria, direct Israeli support has increased, which was confirmed by the Andouf reports of terrorist groups in the border area and its environs in order to prolong the crisis and try to exploit it to consolidate and impose the annexation of the occupied Golan as a fait accompli.

Ambassador Ala stressed that these rogue Israeli practices against international law coincided with the pressure exerted by the occupation authorities on the Syrian population in the occupied Golan to gain recognition of the legitimacy of the occupation through its illegal decision to hold elections for local councils in the occupied Syrian Golan this year in a new attempt to impose their laws on the occupied Syrian Golan and to obliterate the Syrian identity of its sons.

Ambassador Ala added that it is outrageous that these Israeli practices which violate international law enjoy the support of the United States and some of its allies inside and outside the Council by encouraging the perpetuation of the occupation and continuing systematic violations of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan.

Ambassador Ala reiterated the Syrian Arab Republic’s assertion of the illegality of the settlements in all its forms and the illegality of its attempts to legitimize it and the importance of continuing to shed light on human rights violations associated with settlement and Israeli settlement expansion.

He called on the Human Rights Council to affirm its rejection of attempts to change the demographic reality in the occupied Golan and to refuse to intensify the building and expansion of settlements to consolidate the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan and its continued violation of the rights of the Syrian population.

He added that Syria affirms its condemnation of the discriminatory restrictions and practices of the occupation authorities that threaten the existence of the people of the occupied Golan and aims to force them to leave their land through the confiscation of their land and natural resources for the illegal settlements and the imposition of excessive taxes that restrict their ability to build in their land, maintain their water supply and sanitation services, as well as other discriminatory practices that constitute a flagrant violation of the civil, economic, social and cultural rights of the Syrian population in the occupied Golan, including the right to work and property,  freedom of movement and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Ambassador Ala expressed the condemnation of the Syrian Arab Republic for the continued arbitrary arrests of the sons of the occupied Syrian Golan because of their opposition to the occupation and the perpetration of its crimes and renewed the Council’s demand to denounce these Israeli practices and to press for the immediate release of the dean of Syrian prisoners in Israeli jails to monitor and investigate the situation of the Syrians in the occupied Golan.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns the violations and crimes of the Israeli occupation authorities in occupied Palestine, including field executions, arbitrary detention, detention of children, restrictions on the movement of the population and the continuation of the siege on the Gaza Strip.”

He also said that Syria condemns the decision of the US administration to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem in May as a violation of international law and evidence of the double standards that the United States implements with United Nations resolutions.

He added that Israel hit the record in violation of United Nations resolutions under the protection provided by States that present themselves in the Human Rights Council as the protector and defender of international humanitarian law and human rights.

He pointed out that the pressure exerted by the United States and some of its allies to cancel the seventh item confirms the political hypocrisy exercised by these countries in dealing with human rights.  Instead of demanding the abolition of the seventh item, these countries must assume their responsibilities in working to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land and the Syrian Golan and what remains of occupied Lebanese territory.