Al Jaafari: Cancellation of UNSC Session Sends a Message to Those Countries that try to Manipulate the Council


New York-Sana Arabic

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that the cancellation of the Security Council session on human rights in Syria sends an important political message to Western countries that are trying to manipulate the council.

Jaafari said in a statement today after the cancellation of the meeting:

“What happened today is very important from the political point of view because the Security Council appeared to be divided politically, not procedurally,  on the Syrian file,” noting that one of the important points also for the failure of the meeting is that the mandate of the Security Council does not allow the Council to consider human rights issues, which is the responsibility of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“The attempt to convene a meeting of the Security Council today is a cheap attempt and a major strategic mistake by Western countries because they showed weakness as permanent members of the Security Council resulting in a defeat for three countries, namely America, Britain and France.”

Al-Jaafari pointed out that Western delegations are trying to hold as many meetings on Syria as possible in order to politically blackmail the Syrian government and its friends in the Security Council.

“This is what we saw in the last period of its request to hold meetings on the use of chemicals, which reflects the state of cheap investment of the mechanisms of the Security Council to exert pressure on Syria and its friends and defaming them by claiming that they are preventing the Council from taking action against the Syrian government.”

Jaafari stressed that Western countries are desperate to try to use the mechanisms of the Security Council in the presence of friends of Syria who are fully aware of what is happening and the hidden agendas of Western countries.

Jaafari said today’s meeting was aimed at discussing the anti-Syrian agenda of the High Commissioner for Human Rights who would be present.

Abolition of a session of the Security Council on human rights in Syria for lack of charters

The UN Security Council canceled a session on human rights in Syria for lack of a charter, after a procedural vote requested by the Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations.

Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Bolivia opposed the meeting, while Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia abstained, leading to the cancellation of the meeting.

“We oppose today’s meeting and we notified members last Friday because we do not see a justification for it because the issue of human rights is not one of the subjects on the agenda of the Security Council, when there is a human rights council in Geneva,” the deputy Russian delegate said ahead of the canceled session.

The Deputy Russian delegate pointed out that the presence of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York is not a convincing reason to provide a briefing on human rights before the Council, indicating at the same time that the meeting today was not planned and was not approved on the agenda of the Council for this month.

The Deputy Russian delegate pointed out that discussions about human rights in Syria do not address the terrorists, who receive public support and have intimidated Syrian citizens for many years, yet there appears to be a reference to the Syrian government, which confirms our concerns about the politicized nature of this initiative having nothing to do with the Syrians.

In turn, the Chinese deputy representative to the United Nations pointed out that the main role of the Security Council is the maintenance of international peace and security and not the consideration of human rights issues and therefore the discussion of human rights issues undermine the functions of other organs of the United Nations and will not help in resolving this crisis. It opposes the Council’s specific consideration of the human rights situation in Syria.

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Russia, China, Bolivia, Kazakhstan voted against a Security Council meeting regarding Syria 19-3-2018