Thousands of East Ghouta Civilians Break the Shackles of Terrorism and Walk to Freedom


Damascus countryside – Sana Arabic

After years of being held hostage by terrorist organizations, thousands of people from the eastern cities and towns of Ghouta managed to remove the shackles of terrorism and  return to freedom protected by the Syrian army.

With the dawn of the day, thousands of Syrians who had been abducted by terrorists and detained as human shields for years in Eastern Ghouta marched towards the humanitarian corridors and were provided with security by the Syrian Arab Army.

On the other side, the army units, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, received crowds from Ghouta and immediately provided them with the necessary facilities in order to transfer them safely to temporary accommodation centers equipped with all the basic necessities to restore their normal lives away from the intimidation they had been subjected to for years.

In parallel with the march of thousands to safe passage, the army continued their operations to root out the remaining terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and restore security and stability to all the villages and towns of Al Ghouta, and regained control in the south-eastern sector of Ghouta,  a number of farms northeast of the town of Jisreen, and a number of buildings east and south-east of the town to clamp down on terrorists that still hold thousands of civilians there.

On the other side, scenes of the people leaving  Al-Ghouta were censored by the media hostile to the Syrian people  because it exposed them as allies of terrorist organizations and the countries supporting  terrorists under false humanitarian pretext.  Today  reaffirmed that the Syrian Arab Army, which has taken upon itself the task of restoring security and stability to the entire Syrian territory and purging it of the desecration of terrorism, has not forgotten the civilians of Ghouta.

One of people of Ghouta  said, “Now we live. We were dead. Terrorists took everything. They humiliated us. They stole everything. Even the children’s food. ”

The escapees from the inferno of terrorism also talked about the terrorists’ practices against them. They summarized the tragic scene from the theft of food aid and the denial of infant milk and medicine to infants.

Today,  a child will not be starved and a patient will not be abandoned because of the lack of medicine that was taken away from them.ا