Syrian Popular Forces Respond to Attacks by the Turkish Army Near Afrin and Bombard its Positions in Ma’ar

Al- Mayadeen Arabic

The Syrian Popular Forces respond to the Turkish attacks on their positions in the vicinity of Afrin targeting the positions of the Turkish army in Mara. The Turkish forces have failed to control any territory near Afrin, even though the Turkish President announced that he hopes to finish taking the city by Wednesday evening.

Syrian Popular Forces responded to Turkish attacks on their positions and led to the martyrdom of 8 of its members in the vicinity of Afrin.

Popular forces shelled positions of the Turkish army in the northern suburb of Aleppo.

Al- Mayadeen correspondent reported the fall of 8 martyrs of the Syrian Popular Forces in a Turkish raid targeting a transit camp for displaced people in Kimar near Afrin.

The People’s Protection Units reinforced their numbers on the front lines in the axes of Gonders, Belbel and Sheikh Hadid.

“There are no field indicators indicating the control of the Turkish forces and the Euphrates shield forces in the vicinity of Afrin,” said Al-Mayadeen , adding that “the pace of displacement from the city is less than the last days.”

This comes after the announcement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he hopes to complete control of the entire city by Wednesday evening. At that time the Turkish army announced that it had surrounded Afrin but  the People’s Protection units denied the report, while Turkish raids continue on the perimeter of the city.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that water supplies to Afrin had been cut off for a week and that fighting there had displaced thousands. The United Nations condemned the targeting of civillian facilities in ​​Afrin.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu announced that Ankara and Washington will oversee the withdrawal of Kurdish protection units from the town of Manbaj in the north.

In a press conference in Russia, Oglu said that Ankara and Washington will develop a plan to secure Manbaj during talks on the 19th of this month, and noted that “the Turkish forces will carry out a military operation if it fails.”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian, for his part, said that “Turkey’s legitimate concerns about the security of its borders do not justify the ongoing military operation in the Syrian region of Afrin,” warning that the situation in Afrin was “critical.”

The people of Nabel and Zahra stressed that the Turkish bombing constitutes aggression against the people and the Syrian state.

“The savagery of the Turkish aggression against our people in Afrin and the attacks on the people of the region are unjustified and unacceptable,” the residents said in a statement issued today. “The defenders of the villages of the region, including Nabal and Zahra, and all of Syria have the right to respond to any aggression.”

Nabal and Zahra are one of the areas of the Azzaz region of Aleppo, which is geographically located in the north-west of Syria. The two cities, north of Aleppo province, are about 20 km away from the main road linking Aleppo with Azzaz and Afrin, which is called Gaziantep, a two-way international road.