Using Napalm and Phosphorous, a New Chapter of Lies by Terrorist Organizations Against Syrian Army

11 March، 2018
Damascus, SANA

Informed sources stressed that before holding a new session of the Security Council, the terrorism-backing media fabricated a new chapter of lies on the use of phosphor and napalm along with the lie of using chemical weapons which is exploited by the terrorist organizations and their Western backers against the Syrian Arab Army.

The sources clarified on Sunday that whenever the Syrian Arab Army tightens the noose around the terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta, the terrorists’ supporters order them to use false accusations against the Syrian army.

The continued victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorists in Ghouta have moved the conspiring countries to repeat the false accusations on using chemical weapons against Syria, the sources added.

The sources said that the operation carried out by the army against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated groups in Ghouta aims mainly to eradicate terrorism and put an end to its crimes against civilians, in addition to freeing the locals who have been held by the terrorist organizations as hostages.

The sources added that securing the exit of a number of civilians from Ghouta on Saturday by the army and the demonstrations which some towns in Ghouta have witnessed against terrorists prove the falsity of the claims by the terrorist organizations and their supporters.

The misleading campaigns led by the terrorism- sponsoring countries and carried out by their terrorist tools will not dissuade the Syrian Arab Army from eradicating terrorism in Syria, the sources affirmed.