Russian MoD Refutes Media Reports About Attack on Khmeimim Airbase Russian Defence Ministry refutes another hearsay about shelling at the Khmeimim airbase published by the RBK:

“The RosBiznesKonsalting is not the first informational agency publishing hearsay about shelling at the Khmeimim airbase with reference to some anonymous sources allegedly close to the Russian Defence Ministry or Russian General Staff.

The today’s article published by the RBK is titled as “Mortar attack against the Khmeimim base turned to be a drone one’ attack” has nothing in common with the reality.

By the way, the RBK’s correspondent had been informed by the Russian Defence Ministry that this information was unreliable. The author of the article has been publishing false stories or wild guesses about activity of the Russian Defence Ministry. Moreover, she attributed her own conclusions to some military experts. And this happened again today.

The chief editor of the Arsenal Otechestva magazine was, to say the least, surprised when he saw his comment in the RBK’s article on alleged successful ‘drone attack’ at the Khmeimim airbase on January 1.

The Russian Defence Ministry stresses that the base was operating in standard conditions on January 1, 2018. There were no shelling, air attacks, or other incidents”.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation