The Battle for Afrin Will Be Met with Violent Resistance of the People’s Assembly, and President of the National Initiative of the Syrian Kurds, Omar Oussi, warned of the seriousness of the Turkish threats against the city of Afrin, considering that there is a high probability of a Turkish military invasion within the next few hours, now the action has the green light from Washington.

“The battle of Afrin will not be a picnic for the Turkish army but will be met with violent resistance,” Osi said in an interview with Al-Watan. “We will stand behind our people in Afrin, along with the Syrian army, which will carry out its duties.”

In his interview with al-Watan, Osei said that the Kurds who “bet on the Americans are wrong. The Syrian Kurds should not support the American agenda. America will never abandon its NATO partner, Turkey, which has advanced America’s imperial outpost in the region.

The president of the National Initiative of the Syrian Kurds said that the natural place of the Kurdish “protection units” is within the resistance axis, and therefore they must coordinate with the allies and stop coordinating with American forces.

Ossi, who revealed the meetings are still taking place between the leaders of the Kurdish protection units and the Syrian and Russian military leaders in Hameimim, hoped that the result will be a unified position, to stand in the face of Turkish aggression on Syrian sovereignty, both in Afrin and other areas, calling for the unification of the Syrian Kurdish  ranks and full coordination with the military leadership in the Syrian army, to overcome this sensitive stage, warning of a large price to be paid by the Kurds in the event of failure to step in alignment with the right strategy. He hope to see the Syrian flag raised and the entry of troops from the Syrian Arab army in Afrin soon.

Al Watan
Translated by Internationalist 360°