De Mistura: Pushing Syrian Talks Forwards Without Preconditions

30 November، 2017
Geneva, SANA

UN Special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura stressed the importance of pushing the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva forwards without any preconditions and intensifying the diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

“During the past two days, we discussed with the participant delegations the four baskets, particularly the constitutional track and elections,” de Mistura said at a press conference in Geneva.

He added that following Daesh defeat in its last fort in Syria, “we have to find a political solution to the crisis,” indicating that the current round of talks will be resumed on December 5th.

Earlier, Delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, held a second session of talks with UN Special Envoy to Syria, de Mistura, at the UN HQ in Geneva within the framework of the 8th round of the Syrian-Syrian talks.

During the meeting, the importance of engaging seriously and responsibly in the dialogue was emphasized. The session also dealt with the basic principles paper that the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic had submitted several months ago.

On Wednesday, delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic held the 1st session of talks with de Mistura.

Talks during the meeting dealt with means of pushing the Syrian-Syrian talks forwards with the necessity of not putting any pre-conditions that could obstruct the dialogue or undermine it.

The Swiss city of Geneva hosted 7 rounds of the intra-Syrian dialogue; the last round was concluded on July 14th.