Rouhani to Assad: Iran Backs Syria in Fight Against Terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad discussed regional developments over phone on Saturday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will support Syrian people and government in their struggle against terrorist groups, President Rouhani said.

During the telephone conversation, President Rouhani congratulated the recent victories of the Syrian people and government in the ongoing fight against terrorists and underlined that some western powers and their allies in the region assumed that ISIL would capture Iraq or Syria or at least they can stay in the region for a long time to meet their interests and continue their crimes and destructions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to play an active role in reconstruction of Syria, President Rouhani said.

Strategic relations between Iran and Syria will continue to meet both nations’ interests, he said.

Those who assumed that in the absence of power in Syria, they can make decision for the future of the country are totally wrong and should mind the significant role of the country’s sovereignty for taking further steps, President Rouhani said.

In the meantime, we believe that the Syrian opposition should seize the opportunity and play their role in the country’s reconstruction era, he said.

Sochi conference hosted by Russian president in the presence of Iran and Turkey presidents should be regarded as a suitable stride in restoring stability and security in Syria through a Syrian-Syrian national dialogue, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks for peace, stability, security and brotherhood in the entire region and believes that if some novice Arab heads of state say something, in fact they are saying on own behalf which has nothing to do with their people, President Rouhani said.

All are well-aware that this cancerous tumor over past 70 years has committed such tremendous crimes, but we hope in the future the heads of some Arab countries will get back on the right track and void taking action against their own interests as well as the entire region, he said.

During telephone conversation, the Syrian president, for his part, thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for its stances, and said that the Syrian nation and government really know the value of the efforts of the Iranian people and government.

Annihilation of ISIL terrorist group was indebted to the relentless efforts of those who bravely fought against terrorists, he said.

There is no doubt that the stances adopted by the Arab League is not the common stance of all Arab nations, he said, adding that Damascus appreciates the supports made by the Iranian government and nation in the fight against terrorism.

In conclusion, the Syrian president invited active Iranian state-run and private sectors to play active role in reconstructing Syria.

 IRNA/Al Manar