Hezbollah: “Kurds Shall Not be at the Wrong Side of History”

Iraq Kurdistan flags
The Kurds as a group of people who belongs to a certain ethnicity have their righteous aspirations and ambitions. They have the right to be recognized as one of the cultural and social components of the region. They have the right to perform their cultural tradition and to use their own language and celebrate their national occasions. In the places where they reside, they have the right to be treated on equal footing just like any other group of citizens who enjoy a full citizenship.

Given the situation in the region and the complexity and intensity of the crisis the regions suffers, the Kurds have to curb down their dreams a little and accept a status quo where they enjoy their rights without jeopardizing the unity of many states in the region. This is because what Masoud Barazani is doing by the referendum to a Kurdish state comes against the backdrop of Israeli interference and encouragement .The only side that would benefit from this is Israel and the USA.

Four key states in the region are going to be negatively tremendously affected- though with varying degrees-, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Not a single country out of those countries is in a position to accept the existence of a new state that will appear only after the dismemberment of those states.

The stern and tough measures against the nascent Kurdish project has come to nip it in the bud. The total embargo and both land and air siege have come to send an alarming signal to the Kurds that their aspired dream has come to its end before it existed. This is not the first time that the Kurds dream hits a dead end. The Kurds are paying a heavy price for geography, they should not be at the wrong side of history.

Al Manar