Turkey is a Trojan Horse Through Which the US will Invade, Control the Region

ما وراء الحدث
Sputnik Arabic
Translated by Internationalist 360°

In light of current developments,it is clear that what is happening on the Idleb front is causing an escalation of tensions. The Turkish army and its armed affiliates, including the Free Syrian Army, (which recently admitted to being supported by Turkish Defense Minister Noureddine Jannakli) said that the Turkish forces would remain in the city of Idlib. Turkey is determined to exploit Astana agreements aimed at reducing escalation. Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, said that the purpose of Turkish activities in the Syrian Idlib Is to deal with the wave of migration to Turkey. Clearly Turkey continues to work towards the same goals under new slogans, as has the United States, with the “support” and their allied forces.

Hence, many questions come to mind:

How will Syria respond to the current Turkish actions?

To what extent can Russia and Iran secure Syria’s patience in the face of Turkish excesses?

What fluctuations are currently taking place that everyone is silent about, both Syrian officials and guarantor parties?

What are Turkey’s intentions?

How are the roles on the ground actually being distributed in the field between the Syrian army and its allies and the guarantors?

Is it possible to trust Turkey?

What is required of Russia and Iran to correct the current course before it is too late?

General Abbas says:

Turkey did not conceal its ambitions in Syria and the region, displaying openly aggressive intentions, especially in the north Aleppo and Mosul, and this confirms that it is attempting to fulfill not only its Ottoman ambitions,  but to control the entire Islamic world according to the dictates of AKP – Muslim Brotherhood ideology. Turkey is the spearhead of the US desire to control the Islamic world.

Turkey’s ambitions in northern Syria are well-known and clear. Turkey has exploited its position in Astana to strengthen its military presence in Idlib and the northern regions of Syria.

Abizaid and Major General Abbas:

Turkey has had ample opportunity to prove its intentions, to show that it is part of the regional fight against terrorism and that it is Syria’s ally in this fight. The Syrian state is watching Turkish actions and weighing the positions of Russia and Iran. Turkey is competing for the leadership and control of the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia is competing for leadership in the Islamic world and uses the slogans of Islamic identity to serve the Zionist project.

He added Major General Abbas:

The US wants to dominate the region through the Turkish Islamic entity. Turkey is a Trojan horse through which the US enters and controls the region. Turkey is maneuvering, politically and militarily, to win over Russia and Iran, to  consent to the continued Turkish invasion of Syrian territory.  We know that if Turkey succeeds,  they will press onwards to expand their occupation of other countries.

Prepared by: Nawaf Ibrahim