Not a Passing News Story

Bouthaina Shaaban

One of the most important lessons that we learned during this war on Syria is the role of the media in presenting the news, and managing the battles on screens away from reality, in order to affect the souls and minds of human beings, whether negatively or positively. Media strategies and plans have been adopted, in addition to generous budgets, well-planned implementation, and follow-ups by experts and specialists. Those who control and finance media outlets are wise to use it as a tool to control and loot people, and to wage war against them using mercenaries, traitors and agents. What is required today is a bold stance to reconsider all our calculations and concepts after the resistance was able to change the reality on the field of battle almost radically. The irony today is that the attitude toward the news and the way it is dealt with still belongs to the pre-war phase, as if the lessons we learned during the war are no longer viable.

In order to consolidate these victories, a profound and comprehensive review of how we deal with the news is needed. Any news that has to do with our existence, our fate and our ongoing battles to survive and continue to live on our land. For example, but not limited to, confirmed news emerged prior to and during the battles of the liberation of Deir al-Zour, especially after the victory in the Kalamoun region and the defeat of terrorists entirely there, news emerged that American helicopters picked up terrorist leaders from different areas on Syrian soil to save them from death or captivity. A number of them were told to gather in certain areas in order to facilitate their rescue and transfer in the American helicopters to safety. This event passed through the news cycle without being treated as carefully as it should be. Indeed, such an event did not change even the nature of the naive questions that are sometimes raised when the great battle against the Zionist enemy begins; When will you respond to the attacks and strikes of Israel on your land? Such news of the rescue of the leaders of ISIS must raise many questions and answers at the same time to several questions that were asked throughout this war.

Among these questions, who is the party or authorities that planned the whole criminal war that was launched against us? And who is actually leading all these battles and terrorist crimes along the Syrian territory?

The executioners are mercenaries rejected by normal societies across the world.
The rescue operations of the terrorist leaders have proved that these criminal leaders are known to the American master. There is no doubt that the Zionist entity is well experienced in the selection of terrorists, training and follow-up of their crimes. Therefore, today, the question is not when the battle against the Zionist enemy will start, because all of these battles are against the Zionist enemy and against its plans and projects in the region and all these victories today from Aleppo, to Kalamoun, to Deir al-Zour are victories against the Zionist enemy, who planned this war of terror with the aim of planting tools in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to complete the Greater Israel project. The second or complementary reading of this process is that we must wait and see where their future projects will appear and where these terrorist leaders will be used to try to manipulate a people or a country, plunder the wealth of another people, or destabilise a country that stands in the way of imposing their hegemony on different geographical spots. Will some of these leaders be transferred to the Philippines, Myanmar, Libya, Sinai or Yemen? Or will they keep some in Europe for an event there that servers their greater political goals? Or will they keep them in the Afghan warehouse until they are needed?

Judging by this part of the news coverage of the war ons Syria, we can also read the American plans for the “Syrian Democratic Forces” and how they managed to move these forces through areas that were considered a bastion of ISIS without firing a single shot, just as the Peshmerga took Sinjar and Tal Afar Iraq is not without fighting or shooting, but through the disappearance of ISIS. Such news is not ordinary news, but political, military and historical events that take place through plans, and its implications must be understood and built upon. In this case, we discover that al-Da’ash and the “Syrian Democratic Forces” are mercenaries who act under US orders and move where they are ordered. This means that the projects that are being proposed today by this or that group from federalism to division into an ethnic entity are projects that are planned and supervised by the American with the aim of weakening Syria in service to Israel.

In-depth reading of these news and events gives us clarity of vision, firmness of mind and firm conviction to go the way that undermines the designs of our enemies in our land and our wealth regardless of the variety of their instruments or the names of their terrorist gangs, until the legitimate states extend their will and authority over their entire independent territory. We shall cooperate with complete freedom and courage with all allies, friends, and brothers who share are principles and objectives, and we will bury once and for all those mouthpieces that target us and owe will eliminate their role in our future battles.