Briefing of the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria

Recovery of destroyed infrastructure as well as establishing of peaceful life in regions suffered from warfare is continued.

Medical Treatment Centre is being recovered in al-Sabinah al-Sughra, Damascus province.

Busair-Jebab highway is being repaired in Busair, Daraa province. 1.5 kilometers have been repaired.

Lack of employment and possibility to support families are the main problems of Syrians. Nasib customs checkpoint located near Daraa used to be one of main sources of income for citizens living in southern provinces of Syria before the warfare.

The customs checkpoint and M5 highway provided trade turnover between Syria and Jordan in peaceful life. Annually, up to 6,500 road trains with different cargos passed through this checkpoint.

The Nasib customs checkpoint and M5 highway (Nasib – Al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyah section) have been blocked by armed opposition formations supported by the United States and Jordan.

Representatives of the Syrian Arab Republic and Jordan under the auspices of Russian officers of the Reconciliation Centre are making efforts to open the Nasib checkpoint in order to employ citizens of the provinces of Daraa, al-Suwayda, and Damascus as well as to resume trade relations between Syria and Jordan using the M5 highway.

However, leaders of the armed opposition controlling the Nasib – Al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyah section are procrastinating the negotiation process.

The Russian party calls on leaders of armed opposition, American and Jordanian parties, leadership of the United Nations in Damascus and Amman to provide assistance to the Syrian authorities in unblocking the customs checkpoint and highway section in order to deliver humanitarian and commercial cargos. This will raise the trade volumes between Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon as well as between Daraa, al-Suwayda, and Damascus provinces in Syria.

Recovery of highways in Syria will allow to provide employment to Syrians living in the south of the country.