Russian Defense Ministry: 87% of Syrian Territory Liberated from Daesh

22 September، 2017
Damascus, SANA

Russian Defense Ministry said that 87,4% of the Syrian territory controlled by ISIS terrorists has been liberated since Russia‘s participation in the fight against terrorism in the country in 2015.

RT quoted the Ministry as saying in a statement on the results of the Russian operation in Syria that the Russian Air Force has conducted more than 30,000 sorties, destroying more than 96,828 targets for terrorists.

The statement said that among the terrorist positions destroyed in the raids were 8,332 command posts, 17194 fortified points, over 53,700 gatherings of terrorist groups, 970 training camps, 6,769 ammunition and military equipment depots as well as 212 oil fields and 184 oil plants and refineries, in addition to 9,328 other sites.

Shaza/H. Said

Briefing of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria (September 22, 2017)

Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic has been assessed as stable since May 4, 2017 when in Astana the Memorandum on creation of de-escalation zones was signed. Hostile forces in the de-escalation zone No. 1 (Idlib) have failed to destabilize the situation.

Over the last 24 hours, 14 militants of armed opposition have sided with the SAA troops in the vicinity of Takhun-Donguzia (Homs province).

The Russian side is actively working to restore peace in Syrian cities. Therefore, a public reception office of the Russian Centre for reconciliation was opened under the auspices of the Syrian leadership in Jairoud, Eastern Qalamoun. It is intended to look into the problems of the citizens and help to solve them.

The recovery operation of infrastructure objects is going on in the Syrian Arab Republic.

In settlements of Ahras (Daraa province), al-Gharifah (as-Suwayda province), Khan Arnabeh, Kaum Al-Visiyah (al-Qunaitra province) four schools have been redecorated outside and cleaned up. The surrounding areas were also refined.

In Al-Qurayya (as-Suwayda province) three water withdrawal wells have been brought into service after being repaired. All electricity transmission lines and transformer substations have been recovered to ensure steady power supply to all the dwellings and facilities.

The Directorate for Military Construction together with the Damascus province authorities repaired a M-113 road section 17 km long in the vicinity of al-Zabadani.

Water station is nearly recovered in the city of Qarfa (Daraa province). Soon, in Asbin es- Sugrah (Damascus province) all the streets will be completely cleared from rubbles. In the settlement of Atil (as-Suwayda province) a woodworking factory is being recovered.

The humanitarian aid is being provided to the Syrian people. The Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides held three humanitarian actions: citizens of Naim (Homs province), Tell Abu Sous (Aleppo province) and Daraa (Daraa province) received 5.5 tons of food supplies as well as medicaments and the bare necessities.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation