Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Russian Ministry of Defense Briefing on Terrorist Offensive in Idlib De-escalation Zone


Russian defense Ministry : Jabhat al-Nusra attack on north Hama city breaches Astana agreement

General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces stressed that recent Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist attack on the Syrian military sites north Hama province breaches the de-escalation zone agreement of Astana.

In a statement published on Russia Today website, the Russian General Staff indicated that the US intelligence agency stood behind the terrorist attack which took place in the de-escalation zone established in Idleb province with the aim of halting the Syrian army’s victories in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor.

The statement noted that the attack mainly aims at expelling the Russian military police from its post located to observe the implementation of the de-escalation zone agreement.

In the same context, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Lt.Gen. Sergei Rudskoy noted that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and other terrorist factions which do not want to implement the ceasefire agreement have launched the sudden attack despite the agreements signed on September 15th in Astana.

He said that the wide-scale terrorist attack started on Tuesday morning using armoured tanks and vehicles and targeted the Syrian military forces located in north and northeast Hama city included in the de-escalation zone established in Idleb province.

Rudskoy added that 850 terrorists were killed during a military operation inside the de-escalation zone, pointing out that 3 Russian soldiers were injured in the attack.


Army establishes control over new areas in Deir Ezzor

20 September، 2017
Deir Ezzor, SANA

Army units clashed with groups affiliated to ISIS terrorist organization in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, establishing control over new areas in the area surrounding al-Tabani town.

SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that the army units, backed by Air force, carried out on Wednesday intensive operations against the gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, making progress on the western axis and establishing control over a number of villages and farms near al-Tabani town.

The reporter noted that the army’s engineering units are combing the villages and farms and dismantling the IEDs and mines planted by ISIS terrorists before many of them were killed as large numbers of them fled towards al-Tabani town, leaving behind the bodies of their dead.

In another context, civil sources affirmed that ISIS transferred most of its terrorists and foreign mercenaries with their families from Deir Ezzor neighborhoods to the eastern countryside of the province.


US-Backed Terrorists to Hand over Positions at Border with Jordan to Syrian Army

TEHRAN (FNA)- The militants, backed up by the US and Jordan, have agreed to hand over their positions at border with Jordan to the Syrian Army troops, a Russian media outlet reported on Wednesday.

The Arabic-language website of the Russia’s state news agency, Sputnik, reported that the militants that are supported by Washington and Amman have agreed to deliver a part of Syria’s Southern border, including al-Nasib border-crossing, to the Syrian army.

The decision came after the US-backed militants held talks with the Russian military in Syria.

Also, a military source said that the terrorists have started to evacuate their military hardware from the border region.

The source further said that after the establishment of de-escalation zones in Southern Syria, Damascus and the Russia’s Peace Center for Syria intensified negotiations with the militant groups to reopen a road to connect al-Qazal to al-Nasib to enable the army to re-impose control over the border-crossing.

The source went on to say that Abu Mohammad Ordoni had participated in the negotiations as the representative of the militants and called for the release of over 100 captives, adding that the Russian Peace Center informed Damascus of their demand; “so, the reopening of al-Nasib border-crossing must now be decided by the Syrian government”.

Relevant reports said last week that the army men stormed terrorists’ concentration and gathering centers in the Southeastern territories of Damascus province and captured the checkpoint 173, 174, 175 and 176 at border with Jordan.

The terrorists suffered heavy casualties in the attack.

An FSA-affiliated group announced earlier this month that the checkpoints at Damascus province’s border with Jordan that were under the control of the Free Syria Army (FSA) militants would possibly be handed over to the Syrian Army troops after mediation by Jordan and Russia.

Saeed Seif, the Spokesman for Aham Abdu terrorist group affiliated to the FSA, said that his forces were evacuating al-Handalat camp in Southeastern Damascus near the border with Jordan at the request of Mouk Operation Room.

In the meantime, other sources said that the terrorist group would deliver al-Handalat camp to the Syrian government forces following an agreement guaranteed by Amman and Moscow.

Israeli Air Force Launches Airstrike on Positions in Syria’s Occupied Golan

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli warplanes attacked several positions in the occupied Galan Heights in the Southern province of Quneitra, a Lebanon-based media outlet reported on Wednesday.

The English-language Daily Star reported that the Israeli fighter jets targeted a number of areas in Quneitra province near the border with Israeli-controlled Palestinian territories.

The attack came after an Israeli Patriot missile allegedly intercepted and shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle purportedly operated by the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement in the region.

Earlier, the Israeli media outlets claimed that Israel’s military forces had struck a reconnaissance drone as soon as it had entered the skies over the occupied Golan Heights.

Israeli Military Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis claimed that the Hezbollah-operated drone took off from Damascus International Airport.

In relevant developments in June the Israeli air force targeted the Syrian troops’ artillery unit in Eastern Samadaniyeh in the outskirts of Quneitra city.

Reports said that the artillery fire played a major role in pushing the terrorists back from the region.

A prominent Syrian military and strategic expert described Israel as an accomplice of the terrorists in Syria, warning that Tel Aviv intends to create a buffer zone in the Arab country.

Yahya Soleiman said that by attacking the Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights, Israel sent this message that it would never leave the terrorist groups and would defend them to the end.

“There are decisive ties between Israel and terrorists to set up a buffer zone in the Golan like Antoine Lahad region in Southern Lebanon – whose creation plot failed – and this time the situation would be repeated in Syria,” he added.

“Whatever happens in Syria is in line with meeting Israel’s interests, destroying Syria and weakening the powers standing beside Damascus,” Soleiman said.

Noting that Tel Aviv was well aware of the positions of the terrorists’ missile launch pads and knows that none of them was due to hit Israel, he said the regime was seeking to find a pretext to provoke the militants to target the Syrian army forces and this happened several times.

“The Israeli side has violated the ceasefire plan and kicked out the UN forces to move freely beside the terrorists. We witness how the Israeli convoys move along the borders and transfer the terrorists from Syria to the occupied territories,” Soleiman said.

Stressing that Russia knew the realities in Syria, he said Moscow tried to force the American side to participate in the peace process in Syria but the US led all efforts to failure.

US-Backed SDF Shelling Syrian Army Positions East of Euphrates River

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement that the Syrian Army troops have come under heavy shelling by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in their operation against ISIL terrorists on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province.

“According to the reports of the Syrian Army commanders, the most vicious counterattacks and massive shelling are launched from the North that is controlled by the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) and the US special forces that were deployed to the area to allegedly ‘lend medical assistance’ to these militants instead of liberating Raqqa,” the statement said.

“As the final defeat of ISIL in Syria draws near, it becomes increasingly more evident who really fights the ISIL and who just imitates a fight for three years,” he said. “Even if the US-led coalition is not willing to fight terrorism in Syria, it should at least not prevent those who really do that consistently and effectively (from fighting terrorist groups).”

A Kurdish media outlet claimed on Saturday that the Syrian and Russian fighter jets targeted positions of the SDF in the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province in early hours of Saturday.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news agency reported that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets hit SDF’s positons in al-Sina’ah region in the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Early Saturday, injuring a number of the Kurdish fighters.

Hawar news said that six SDF fighters were injured in the air raid, adding that Damascus and Moscow had not reacted to the allegation.

The US-backed SDF forces in Syria announced that they would not allow the Syrian government troops to cross the Euphrates River.

“Now we have 3 km between us and the Eastern riverbank, once our forces reach the area, any shot fired into that area will be considered an attack on the military council,” Abu Khawla, commander of the SDF-affiliated Deir Ezzur Military Council, said.

“We have notified Damascus and Moscow that we are coming to the Euphrates riverbank, and they can see our forces advancing. We do not allow the Syrian pro-government forces to cross to the Eastern riverbank,” he added.

Moscow also said Syrian government forces crossed the Euphrates River in their push to liberate the Deir Ezzur Province from ISIL, ignoring a warning by a ragtag group of militants that receives Washington backing.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added on Friday that the Syrian army was already on the river’s Eastern side.

The Syrian army crossed the Euphrates to deploy on the Eastern bank of the river this week.