A Glimpse of Tomorrow’s World

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Despite all the pain and suffering imposed by the ongoing nihilistic wars in our region, I thank God that we are witnessing this historical era, which is one of the most complex eras mankind has passed through. The daily regional and international events reinforce an image I’ve painted in my mind for the past six years about how the world we know is moving slowly to be replaced by another world; and the transition will take a few years to be completed.

I see a different world composed of two intersecting circles today, and we can only see a sliver of each circle, but the intersecting parts remain hidden. In the BRICS summit that took place in China few days ago, I could see signs of the new world, a glimpse of the coming decades, what our children and grandchildren will definitely see in their lifetime, and I was pleased by what I saw. I saw the BRICS leaders arriving at the summits and being welcomed by a body language that entails respect and parity, and everyone had happy expressions on their faces, signaling their liberation from having to deal with the supremacists who reside on the other half circle. I saw the First Lady of China standing very humbly and elegantly, wearing a silk dress made in China, representing a country with a great civilization that is preparing to revive the Silk Road, which would change the identity and life style of the entire world. I saw a dinner party, meetings, and speeches that aim truly to change the present world in which the strong prey on the weak, as the Chinese president had said. I also saw tireless efforts to solidify a set of simple yet essential principles, which is the unity of humanity regardless of race, religion, creed or skin color. This is the principle that should have been made apparent by the phrase “the world is a small village” which the West tried to reinforce, but the true aim of their slogan was to turn the world into a field open for economic exploitation, the looting of natural resources, and an exclusive market for Western goods.

The concept of “small village” promoted by the BRICS is one of unity in diversity, but the unity of humanity does not impede the diversity of the world or the freedom of the human being in moving and working around the world, liberated from persecution and humiliation.

The plans that have materialized in the apparent half-circle of the world of the future refer to the efforts towards liberation from the financial, economic, military and moral control of the other half of the circle. The features of this liberation are starting to appear clearly, and the steps needed to complete it were sketched. This circle will be open to all those who share values, direction, and management with the countries seeking this freedom, and thus seek to embrace the new world, to correct its foundations and to serve people everywhere. And even the media coverage of the event was unprecedented, and everyone of the participants felt equally the integration to form a beautiful glimpse of the world of our grandchildren.

The second half of the circle, whose motivations and ultimate aims are still being debated, remains dominated by media disinformation campaigns that focus on covering up the main objectives behind events in the world. By talking about the suffering of human beings and human rights, children, women, is a way for them to achieve what they want, to plunder the wealth and seize the livelihoods of peoples.

At a closer look at what is happening today at the hands of the West, we see that the American planes have pulled ISIS leaders out of their inevitable fate in Syria, and that Israel is concerned about its borders after the elimination of ISIS in the Qalamoun region, and we see attempts to create a Kurdish state Iraq for two purposes; to seize the Iraqi and Syrian oil and to create a supportive entity of the Zionist entity, which seeks to establish a state from the Nile to the Euphrates, and hence their focus on the Euphrates River line extending from the north-east of Syria to Basra for the same reasons, and in an attempt to connect between northern Iraq And Anbar in Iraq, and between Raqqa and al-Bukhmal in the north and east of Syria. And if they do not succeed, it will be useful for them to create long battles between the Kurds and the Arabs, and the confusion over the civilian victims, victims of their schemes and greed to seize the Arab oil and wealth. Otherwise how can the Iraqi oil remain open for looting, thus denying Iraqi people from its benefits?

What is happening today in Myanmar and the loss of Muslim lives there is no exception to this rule because Myanmar, which is neighboring China and possesses oil resources that feeds Chinese growth and development, is targeted by the United States to deprive China of this near source of energy. Today, the humanitarian catastrophe caused by a conflict created by the CIA between Buddhists and Muslims as justification for Western intervention to seize the region and deprive Burma of its oil and China of energy. The same context applies to North Korea, as the target is China. So China acts wisely when it does not let this issue become a pretext for the United States.

The bottom half of the circle, which will not have a share in the world of the future, is the half that considers oil, money, and material resources the goal of existence, and tries, by all means, to alienate countries and plunder their wealth.

The upper half sees brotherhood in humanity, establishes the foundations of cooperation between countries and peoples, and strives to create a new world on the surface of the globe that places humanity above all considerations, a world free of racism, occupation and terrorism.