Reconstruction Initiatives by States, Bodies Not Involved in Aggression Against Syria Are Welcome

9 September، 2017
Damascus, SANA

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Saturday that the courageous personnel of the Syrian Arab Army and the supporting and allies forces continue to achieve successive victories against the Takfiri terrorist groups, the latest of which was lifting the siege imposed on the locals in the steadfast city of Deir Ezzor.

The source told SANA that the Syrian Arab Army ‘s achievements herald the imminent end of terrorism and that the battle with those mercenaries will end soon after eradicating terrorism from every inch of the Syrian territories and after restoring peace and security to Syria.

The source added that the Syrian people, who have faced terrorism for defending Syria and the whole humanity, will engage in the battle of reconstructing what has been destroyed by terrorism with the same determination and resilience and will enhance the launching of the production process for providing the basics of the dignified livelihood for the Syrians.

The source indicated that Syrian finds canceling the unjust and illegal unilateral measures which have been imposed by the US and the EU on Syria and which have reflected negatively on the life of the Syrian citizens and their livelihood constitute a main factor that will help launching a comprehensive process of reconstruction.

The Syrian Arab Republic which has always been keen on establishing the best cooperation relations with all the countries of the world, welcomes the initiatives of the countries and the bodies which have not been involved in the aggression against Syria and which adopt a clear approach against terrorism to contribute to the efforts exerted by the Syrian government for achieving the reconstruction, the source affirmed.

The source concluded by saying that the Syrian Arab Republic which has endured the biggest burden in providing the aid for the citizens who are in need for it, reiterates again its readiness to continue cooperation with different international bodies and organizations concerned in the humanitarian issues in a way that would contribute to enhancing the efforts exerted to provide humanitarian assistance for the Syrians who have been victims of the terrorist groups.

R.J/ H.Zain