The Defeat of Their Project and the Victory of Ours

For any of these scenarios to work, they hope for the Syrian state to collapse from the inside. Therefore, the defeat of the Takfiri project must mean for us the start of the battle of building and fortification, because the defeat of their project does not necessarily mean the victory of our project, unless we strengthen the structures of the state, the army and the people.

Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban,
Know Your Enemy

Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban

Why did I say that defeating their project does not automatically mean the victory of our project? This is because the victory of our project in its prospects, objectives, contents and aspirations goes beyond defeat their project. Because their dark project is based on killing, destruction, fragmentation and the destruction of human dignity to serve the plans and objectives of their masters, who used them as terrorist tools after they had crushed their will and robbed their ability to think and make decisions, and they turned them into mere traitors, operatives, and mercenaries.

Because their project is so, defeating it requires first to review the environment, circumstances, and factors that enabled such a project to see the light on our land, and to review all mechanisms of action whether social, economic or administrative, which enabled the enemies to find people in these environments ready to destroy the homeland.

In other words, defeating terrorism militarily on the ground is not enough to ensure that such events do not happen again sooner or later. We must study the circumstances that allowed the enemies and their agents to try to destroy the state and harm the country, under the guise of such slogans as freedom, and through promoting a false interpretation Islam to cover the systematic destruction witnessed by various countries.

But to ensure that such a painful war will not return to our homeland requires a bold historical review of the decades preceding these events with a precise account of the service, economic, social and educational reality throughout the country, especially the geographical spots from which the spark of events has taken place. This is an important endeavor not only to prevent the causes of any similar war in the future, but to address the weaknesses that some citizens have been referring to without being heard by those who wanted things to look bright to record a success story attributed to them in order to increase their power or influence. This is also a service to all the ordinary people throughout the country because it means an educational, economic and social survey, and an attempt to identify the causes of suffering that may turn into anger if left untreated.

This does not mean, of course, that we underestimate the size of the regional and international implication in the destruction of Syria, the size of funding and armament, and the passage of terrorists from all parts of the earth, but we focus in this part on the internal factors that help our forces and our people make legendary sacrifices to defeat terrorism. From our country. With this review, we can uproot the seeds of crisis that might return to life. All of this is still in the effort to defeat their project, a once and for all defeat so that in the next century it will not find an outlet or a foothold to penetrate into the country.

The victory of our project is far more important because it aims at rebuilding the state and the wider Arab project on a basis that is radically different from the foundations laid down by the Sykes and Picot Treaty and the Balfour Declaration. It aims to review all the setbacks of the past century, which brought us to such terrible eventualities such as the destruction of Arab countries and the displacement of many Arabs around the world as refugees. The victory of our project requires the rehabilitation of Arab elites and the reorientation of these elites to develop future visions and strategies in all disciplines and fields, and then put these visions and strategies into practice through mechanisms that reflect the latest human innovation, and putting them in the service of our countries’ needs, and not the other way around.

Here we have to correct a historical problem that most Arabs suffer from, namely the relationship with the West and the relationship with the enemies. The relationship with the West historically is a one-way relationship, in which Arabs are fascinated by the West but without benefiting from the methods of research and production, institution building. As for the Zionist enemy, the relationship is based on always condemning what it commits but never to study the methods it uses in its battles against us. The reason for this imbalance is the weak sense of citizenship, linking patriotism with merely hating the “other.” The Islamic Republic of Iran and Malaysia have built their strength by sending hundreds of thousands of students to the West to specialize in various sciences, but after fortifying them and providing them with an environment and a standard of living similar to that offered by any Western country. After their return they brought about a renaissance in universities, the economy and nation-building.

Today, we have to study the experiences of others, benefit from the successful ones, adjust their content to our Arab reality and adopt global standards in research, employment, technology and nation building. The victory of our project requires tens of years of hard work and purpose, because it aims to rebuild our countries on the basis of scientific and institutional methods in order to solidify them so that no one can infiltrate them no matter their schemes and capabilities. The defeat of their project is a prerequisite to start preparing the ground for the victory of our project, but it is not the sole prerequisite and it is not enough for the victory, dignity , prosperity, and development that we desire for our countries in the future.