Sanctions or an Internal Crisis?

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

The United Nations Security Council has imposed new sanctions on North Korea a few days ago. The United States and then Europe imposed sanctions on Russia without much justification. On the contrary, talks between Russia and the United States are moving forward in a number of ways. The sanctions imposed on Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, and sanctions against other countries were repeatedly imposed in the past, and some still stand until today. Western studies recognise on more than one occasion the failure of these sanctions to achieve the desired purpose, and more so, countries that are subject to long-term sanctions such as Cuba, Iran, develop self-reliance and inventions in many fields, so it can be said that these sanctions proved to be a blessing instead.

But the motives for such sanctions is almost psychological, because the West, which used to impose its will and its wishes, today faces many internal and external challenges, as well as crucial structural challenges, so the imposition of such sanctions and talk about it helps the West regain some of its imagined prestige and dignity. The credibility of Western countries around the world is witnessing an unprecedented decline. Credibility and prestige are two vague words, but they are key to any real assessment. Western countries are still strong militarily and to some extent economically, but their credibility in the eyes of most countries of the world is suffering from a real crisis.

In a simple review of the West’s plans for the region in which we live, the fate of these plans reveals that the world is changing in ways that are different from all previous predictions. And here I never underestimate the extent of the devastation and pain caused by this West to the tens of millions of Arabs killed and displaced, the destruction of their cities, and their lives as a result of the war of terror waged by the West through urging, supporting, and arming terrorist gangs. But as I look to the medium and long future I see the people of the world triumphing over the West and its schemes.

The United States wanted the Iraq-Iran war, the depletion of the two countries in the 1980s, and the total destruction of Iraq at the turn of the century. This war caused much of the destruction and pain of these two countries over the past decades, during which one million people from each country were killed. But Iran has become a strong regional power militarily, economically and politically, and the West has no choice but to deal with it. Iraq, which has emerged stronger from the war, has been pushed by the West to two successive wars, with the aim of destroying its role and regional power. But today, Iraq is triumphing over terrorism planned, financed and armed by the West and its affiliates, and Iraq has a promising future if it avoids the conspiring of both enemies and brothers. There is a clear contrast today in Western strategies so that the EU foreign policy representative expresses Europe’s openness to Iran, while the United States continues to use threats. One reason is the United States’ internal inability to make firm decisions with Iran, Russia, China or any other issue before it today.

Faced with this clear decline in its prestige, the West has resorted to the few who still think that the West is a powerful colonial power, and one of its countries has promised to take over the Gulf States and the region if it cooperates with it in financing and achieving its priorities in the region. The first priority is to dismantle Arab capabilities more and more by continuing to target Yemen and the financing of terrorism in Syria and Iraq, and the fragmentation of national forces wherever possible under ethnic and sectarian doctrines and the employ all necessary schemes to pass whatever serves Zionism and its future plans.

It was clear from the beginning that anyone who contributes to the weakening of Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq undoubtedly serves the interest of the Zionist enemy against the interests of Palestine and the Arabs. Therefore, today’s disclosure of Israeli, American, and Western cooperation, funding and armament of terrorism were known facts even before they were publicly revealed. The fabrication of artificial differences between the sons of one country and even the one religion is a political scheme aimed at stopping the force that that defeated the terrorists in Mosul and the force aiming to liberate Iraq from terrorism and the American occupation, to open the Iraqi-Syrian and Lebanese-Syrian borders, to pave the way to end the legacy Sykes-Picot, and to create a future that meets the aspirations of the young generations.

Much of what is being promoted in our countries today stems from the infiltrations of a defeated West, which uses those weak spirited of rulers and operatives, whatever their bank accounts to sow chaos and squander the sacrifices of martyrs. Holding on to clear visions and remaining steadfast are essential attributes at a time when we are building our future with our sacrifices, a future which they are trying to assassinate through their already-defeated schemes.