Syrian Arab Army Celebrates the Anniversary of its Foundation

Army Chief of Staff visits Air Base in Sweida and units in Quneitra countryside

1 August، 2017
Damascus, SANA

Upon the directives of Commander-in-Chief of the army and armed forces, President Bashar al-Assad, and on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Army’s Day, Chief of Staff Ali Abdullah Ayoub visited on Tuesday one of the air force bases in al-Swieda countryside and a number of army units working in Quneitra countryside.

Major General Ayoub met the field commanders and soldiers, congratulating them on the Army’s Day and conveying to them President’s al-Assad’s amity and appreciation of their sacrifices and the efforts they exert to defend the Homeland.

He listened to a detailed explanation from commander of the air base about the nature of their missions, meeting a number of pilots and technicians, praising their courage and heroism in the fight against terrorist organizations.

Major General Ayoub also visited army units in Quneitra countryside where he was briefed by field commanders on the combatant operations they have carried out on this direction, appreciating their success in confronting terrorists in those areas.

He affirmed the need for continuous readiness and awareness to defend the Homeland, hailing the victories achieved by the army’s forces and the determination they show in the battlefields of dignity and honor.

In a relevant context, units of the army celebrated the army’s Day in different Syrian areas.

Military parades and sport shows were held as the Military theatre presented many plays in a number of units and formations.