Russia’s Plan to Expel the US from Syria

Syria Demands US Coalition Bear ‘Legal Responsibility’ for Illegal Strikes, Massacres

ما وراء الحدث
Sputnik Arabic
Abdullah Hamid

We are talking today about the situation of the United States and its future in Syria based on the victories achieved by the Syrian army and its allies against the terrorist organizations, headed by the Daesh, the main military arm of the United States of America to establish its presence and presence not only in Syria but in the region as a whole.

Today, the United States stands in a difficult position in a state of imbalance in the choice of the right path to preserve its interests in Syria and the region in the face of  Russian moves towards the removal of the United States from Syria. The United States presence on Syrian territory is in violation of international law. Tony Thomas, head of the US Special Operations Command, admitted that if Russia uses this fact as leverage, the US will have no choice but to leave Syria.

US forces targeted the Syrian forces several times under flimsy pretexts. Moscow confronted the Americans and intend to hold them legally accountable for their presence and their crimes in Syria.

Will Moscow follow through and pressure the United States in front of the international community in accordance with the laws of international legitimacy?

What is the Syrian position on the current American actions and what will it do?

The Syrian view by Syrian MP Muhannad al-Haj Ali:

There is a strategic decline of the American role in the region in general, and if we look at the American bases east of the Euphrates River, it does not pose any danger. They have failed to divide the Syrian state or contribute to a political solution.

The Russian point of view, based on the official Russian position, by journalist Andrey Ontkov:

I want to say that the Russian position on the US presence on the Syrian territory is illegal, so there are fears that the elimination of Daesh will not end the American presence on Syrian territory, because there is both as covert and overt aspect to their presence. Overt, for example, is their presence in the ranks of the Kurds and among the so-called armed opposition. Their presence and military strikes cannot be legally justified. I think Russia will insist on the exit of the US from the Syrian territory.

It is clear that the official and non-official positions of Russia and Syria are focused on the application of international laws to preserve the unity of Syrian territorial sovereignty.

Prepared by: Nawaf Ibrahim