Please Respect Our Intelligence

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban

The United States delegate to the Action Team on the Cessation of Hostilities in Syria, Henry A. Ensher, stated that US military forces, wherever they are in any part of the world, are defensive forces to respond to any threat and their military operations from any location is legitimate and only for the self, and added that this applies to attacks that targeted the Syrian army. While this American ambassador admits the attack by the US army, which is known for its wars and massacres against the Syrian army that defends this land and its people and the world against terrorism. he considers it self-defense, even though Syria is tens of thousands of miles away from the United States. The Syrian Arab Army is defending its soil both on the borders with Iraq, in the Syrian South, or in any spot on Syrian soil. In fact, the logic of the United States, especially after the new administration took over, has become funny, because it no longer employs the linguistic confusion that other administrations were eager to use. Today’s US positions are blunt and can be seen with the naked eye from anywhere in the world. In order to prepare public opinion for an unjustified but potentially probable attack on Syria, the United States declares that it has information that the Syrian government is preparing for a chemical attack and that it will respond to such an attack. This is indicative of the bankruptcy of American foreign policy makers, who have no argument, no logic, no memory, even because the lowest professional level requires that they remember the incident of Khan al-Asal, and how the government of the Syrian Arab Republic has asked the United Nations to send a commission of inquiry to investigate the use of chemical weapons and there was no answer, and the most recent is the incident of Khan Sheikun and the US aggression on the Shayrat airport on the pretext that it was the starting point for an alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikun. Despite the fact that a few months have passed since this incident, and despite the demands by the Syrian Arab Republic and Russia for the United Nations and the West to send an investigation mission to the Khan Sheikhun incident site, no one has arrived to date, because they know very well that the incident was fabricated and has nothing to do with the Syrian Arab Army.

To be professional requires one at a minimum to think about these two incidents and prepare answers before making a third claim of a chemical attack and the need to respond. It seems that those who are behind the ocean and receive information from the Israeli intelligence, and follow the order of the Zionist lobby AIPAC in all matters of the Middle East has reached a shameful low point in their understanding of events. At a time when America is already floundering when it comes the Syrian issue, and as the Syrian Army continues to make great advances against the terrorists, the facts are clearer and simpler than ever. People here in our countries do not need to be politicians or diplomats to be sure that American and Israeli attacks on the Syrian Arab Army came after the army scored significant victories against terrorists in different parts of Syria. As a desperate rescue operation for their terrorist tools, Israel has had attack the forces of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in a desperate attempt to save its agents, raise the morale of terrorists, and encourage them to stand firm and not collapse. But the victories in Mosul, the Syrian south, the countryside of Aleppo, the countryside of Homs and Deraa mark the sure and continuous collapse of terrorism until its final defeat in the Holy Land in Syria, Iraq, and every part of the Arab land, including oppressed Yemen. Looking at events in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, and the aggressiveness of the Zionist entity and the United States and the rush to rescue terrorists everywhere, we realise without a doubt that the ultimate goal of the last decade was to destroy the Arab civilisation and to set the Arab countries one hundred years back, in order to allow the time for the Zionist entity to grab more and more land, and to try to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people. They are unaware of the fact that this nation is not dying, and that all the injustice and destruction it has gone through will only increase its determination to rebuild the resistance front, and strengthen its resistance. The honourable alliance with the allies and friends will not rest until this nation has defeat ed all the forces of terrorism and their masters. The media and political language used by the enemies of this resistance alliance is a language that is insulting and hostile to human minds and no longer finds this on side of the wold anyone interested in listening to it.