Syria: Astana 5 and the Three- Dimensional War

ما وراء الحدث

Guest: Military Strategic Expert Brigadier Ali Maksoud; and member of the International Center for Security and Geopolitical Studies, Sumer Saleh.

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Despite the clear decline in the US threats to Russian warnings, the United States has not taken any reckless action against the Syrian army in particular, especially in the face of the American threat to Syria. In light of the success of the Syrian army to circumvent the Syrian Badia towards Al-Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour, on the one hand, and the great victories achieved in parallel with the great victories of the Iraqi army on the “Daash” in Mosul on the other hand, allowing the meeting of the Syrian and Iraqi armies to Iraqi-Syrian border, killing what is considered a real artery move “Daesh” and cut the road almost entirely to move the coalition that the US-led forces on the southern front.

In light of the current developments in all its aspects here, it is necessary to illuminate the developments that have taken place, including but not limited to the extent to which all these developments affect the possibility of success and success of the upcoming Astana meetings.

Turkey is mobilizing large forces of its army in the Syrian camp, what are the Turkish plans and what is their reflection on the upcoming meetings of Astana?

The other point relates to the South Front where there was a warning from Russia to the International Alliance about the possibility of an international coalition faction using chemical weapons in Daraa, the southern front is one of the pillars of Astana, and Astana is holding its meetings in a few days if what is the fate of Astana?

The third point about the United States to transfer troops calculated from Altnf to the Shadada area, does America want the siege of Deir Al-Zour before the Syrian army reach it?

The military strategist Brigadier Ali Maksoud says in this regard: There is no doubt that the developments in the Syrian field, especially on the oriental strategic operational direction in the Syrian Badia as well as in the South of Syria, is what set this tone and this American attack that felt that the project and scenario control over this tape Which extends from Raqqa to the Syrian-Jordanian border in the south of Syria has been dropped and destroyed all the papers that America had invested and used to accomplish this goal.

Brigadier General Maksoud went on to say: The second thing is that the other objective associated with this goal is the Israeli goal that this framework extending from Syria’s borders with occupied Palestine, ie from the occupied Syrian Golan to the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi triangle, should remain under the control of the terrorist instruments associated with this Zionist entity and the declaration of Israel Achieving its biblical goal is the borders of Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile, the fall of all these goals and the arrival of Iraqi force with the popular crowd to meet on the Syrian-Iraqi border with the Syrian army and allies This means that the axis resisting the integration of building the establishment of the road Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus to Beirut, and at this moment cut the way to the American scenario and was unable to engage in any battle with the rush, so they lost any ability to dictate the vacuum of any area vacated by the alarm.

Brigadier Maksoud said: Turkish moves on the Syrian-Turkish border to carry out a military operation in Mara comes within the framework of the Russian response to US moves and tools on the southern front.

The member of the International Center for Security and Geopolitical Studies, Mr. Sumer Saleh, said: The field changes and hostile plans against the Syrian state by Turkey, the United States and the Israeli enemy ahead of Astana (5) do not predict that the fifth round of Astana will produce much. This tour is decisive for the whole context. The adoption of clear maps of tendon reduction areas effectively means the end of the effects of this context as a whole.

“The United States was serious in launching a hostile strike against the Syrian state, but the Russian response by promising the appropriate response, the Iranian threat and the Syrian willingness to abort the American strike, and this proves that the American intentions are to circumvent the context of Astana, Factions of the south, “a statement announced in advance not to go to the tour of Astana” 5 “.

“Turkey, for its part, has begun to mobilize in the Syrian region of Azza and within its plans to occupy areas controlled by the Syrian forces in nobility, which means that the Turkish intentions are of course a guarantor in the context of Astana is to undermine this context and not push towards the success of the fifth round, Potential against the Syrian state.

He concluded by saying: As the data changed by the US retreat from the hostile strike Turkey and Jordan in a difficult situation for Russia in the context of Astana, and I think that everything about the regional and international rams in the Syrian crisis is pending pending Trump-Putin meeting on 7 / 8 July 2017 On the sidelines of the 20th summit in Germany, which will resolve many of the outstanding issues on settlements related to the Syrian file, this important meeting will be followed by a seventh round of Geneva to the political solution in Syria. At the same time, Including in the rounds of interrelated settlements in the file Tense but must beware of the Turkish system, which may work on shuffle the cards again in northern Syria to re-understandings with Russia to zero, taking advantage of the possibility of rapprochement between the United States and Russia in Hamburg after the top twenty.

Prepared by Nawaf Ibrahim