Turkey Preparing Assault on Syrian City of Afrin

Sputnik-Middle East
A general view shows the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin, northern Syria. (File)
An official representative of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), Nuri Mehmud, told Sputnik Turkiye that Turkey is getting ready for an assault on the Syrian city of Afrin, located to the north of Aleppo, which is currently controlled by the Syrian Kurds. Ankara is currently pulling its troops to the city border.

“Turkey is pulling its forces to the cities of Azaz and Mare in northwestern Syria. Besides, it is deploying heavy armament on the border near Idlib. We can’t provide the exact numbers of the units of the heavy armament which is being deployed by Ankara, because the Turkish military and the units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are launching regular attacks on Afrin,” Nuri Mehmud told Sputnik.

Meanwhile, a FSA commander, who wished not to disclose his name, told Sputnik that Turkey, together with the FSA fighters intends to launch an operation near the city of Tell Rifaat in northwestern Syria after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. That is why Turkey is deploying its officers and heavy armament near the city of Azaz which is located 6 km from Tell Rifaat.

“Tell Rifaat is of strategic importance and its territory should have been long cleared from YPG, because it belongs to Arabs. If Tell Rifaat is going to be captured, then the threat to Azaz will be also eliminated because YPG units launch strikes on Azaz time and again,” the FSA commander told Sputnik adding that it will be a ground and aerial operation.

Various reports suggest that starting from Wednesday, Turkey has been pulling howitzers, tanks and armored vehicles to Azaz, and has been re-deploying the units of the Turkish Special Forces to the area.

Turkey Sends Large Military Convoy to Syria to Fight against Kurds

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish army dispatched a well-equipped military convoy to Northern Aleppo after conflicts intensified between the Ankara-supported forces fighting within the framework of the Euphrates Shield Operation and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Turkish army sent a large military convoy, consisting of tanks and military vehicles, to Mar’e city in Northern Aleppo on Wednesday.

Before the development, heavy clashes had erupted between the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the SDF forces in Northern Aleppo.

The incidents occurred as negotiations between the SDF and the Ankara-backed terrorists to deliver the control of 11 towns and villages in Northern Aleppo, including Tal Rafat, to the FSA also failed.

Earlier this month, the SDF forces ambushed a group of militants that are under the Turkish Army’s back up, killing almost 30 of them in Western Aleppo.

The Kurdish fighters stormed the Ankara-backed militants of the Euphrates Shield that were advancing in areas near Dar al-Izzah and Deir Sam’an in Western Aleppo, destroying three military vehicles and killing 28 fighters.

Based on field reports, the death toll among the Euphrates Shield forces is most likely to increase due to the critical condition of those injured in the attack.