Russian General Sergei Shoigu Meets UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura

Today the Minister Defence of the Russian General of the Army Sergei Shoigu met with the UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura.

At the meeting, the Russian Defence Minister said that the ceasefire in Syria is actually performed at all sites and in all areas of de-escalation.

“The violation cases that we register from both the opposition and the government forces are not of a catastrophic character and do not require a serious response from the forces that are engaged in monitoring and observing the ceasefire regime,” – said General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

“We understand that the support that you have recently shown in Astana, during a Declaration and documents on areas of de-escalation were adopted, has great results. During this time, we have done a lot in the ceasefire regime,” – said the Minister of Defence.

The General of the Army Sergei Shoigu said that he would like to discuss a number of issues on further steps to strengthen the ceasefire regime in the areas of de-escalation and transition to solution of certain political issues.

“They could start to be solved now due to the fact that today all what we agreed in Astana with your support fulfil during the month”, – said the Head of the Russian Military Department.

In his turn, the UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura said that the talks on Syria can achieve serious results now.

“The time is now very appropriate, because so much is happening in the region. I would also like to note that now, in this time, our sides can achieve a significant result, so thank you for this meeting,” said Staffan de Mistura.

He also noted that as soon as decisions adopted in Astana will have progress is, the chances of the Geneva process will automatically increase.

“Time is also related to the fact that we all are interested in the Astana Memorandum to be moved into the category of reality. I would also like to discuss other aspects of the Memorandum such as returning of the detained persons, humanitarian activities and mine action,” added de Mistura.

After a meeting with the Russian Defence Minister, Staffan de Mistura said that violence in zones of de-escalation in Syria over the past month has decreased significantly, there will be a monthly assessment of the reduction of the level of violence.

“We both agreed that over the last month significantly decreased the violence in Syria, including the areas of de-escalation. We agreed to hold research and assessment of performance de-escalation and reduction of violence,” de Mistura told reporters.

According to him, common opinion has been reached that against the background of de-escalation should be actively carried out demining activities, humanitarian assistance to the population and the return of the detained persons.

“Of course we hope that the process of the talks in Astana will continue. I know that the next meeting in Astana was postponed, but I hope it will take place and this process will continue, particularly in relation to de-escalation,” – said the representative of the United Nations.

He noted that the process of de-escalation and reconciliation is impossible without a political settlement.

“Undoubtedly, these consultations will continue, because I am convinced that they are useful and necessary for both parties”, – said de Mistura.