Russian Navy Fires Cruise Missiles on Daesh Targets Near Palmyra

Russia fires four Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS terrorist compounds in Palmyra countryside

The Admiral Essen frigate and Krasnodar submarine of the Russian Navy conducted strikes by four Kalibr cruise missiles on objects of the ISIS terrorist grouping near Palmyra from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The strikes were aimed at shelters located near Palmyra. They contained heavy hardware and manpower of insurgents. They had been projected from Raqqah.

All targets have been hit.

The Krasnodar submarine conducted cruise missile strikes from submerged condition.

Command staff of the United States, Turkey, and Israel had been informed at the appropriate time about the missile strikes.

Successful task performance confirmed high combat readiness of the Russian Navy forces as well as ship and submarine crews involved in the operation.

The Russian Navy has demonstrated its ability for conducting effective strike using high-precision armament complexes in short time after receiving the order.