13 Thousand Refugees Reach Ayn Îsa


Speaking to ANF, Raqqa Civilian Assembly Committee Chairperson Ebdulselam Hemsorik stated that they have welcomed around 150 thousand refugees so far, adding; “During the past two days, we have welcomed 13 thousand refugees from Meyselon and Celaa villages north of Raqqa and other villages near Raqqa.”

Hemsorik remarked that until 20 days ago, refugees were coming from mainly Idlib, Deir Hafer and Kerkok but not Raqqa. He said they have settled these refugees wherever they wanted, and transferred many of them to their villages that have been liberated.

Hemsorik pointed out the increasing number of refugees as SDF forces get closer to Raqqa, and laid emphasis on the need for urgent aid and support for the displaced people.

He continued; “We meet their urgent needs such as water and bread. Despite the aid provided by Heyva Sor and Doctors Without Borders, we cannot provide enough supplies for the refugees.”

Hemsorik added; “Even a state cannot satisfy the needs of this many refugees. We therefore call for support from the tribes in the region, all people with conscience and international organisations.”