Turkish Shelling Targets Water Infrastructure

27 April، 2017
Hasaka, SANA

Turkish regime forces on Thursday attacked infrastructure and installations in Ras al-Ayn region to the north-west of al-Hasaka.

SANA reporter said that the Turkish regime artillery shelled Allouk wells’ station; nearly 7 km to the east of Ras al-Ayn, causing huge material damages to the station to make it out of service, yet, breaking off drinking water in al-Hasaka and its countryside.

“Water pumping in the station which feed al-Hasaka, Ras al-Ayn, Tal Tamr and its countryside has stopped as two shells, fired by the Turkish artillery, hit the energy building which feed the pimping station,” the reporter quoted director of Hasaka Water Establishment, engineer Mahmoud Ekla as saying.

He added that Allouk project includes 30 wells and it is the only source that feeds al-Hasaka with water.