Kurdish Fighters Rescue Thousands of Civilians in Eastern Aleppo

A picture from a rebel-held eastern neighbourhood of Aleppo. (File)


As the Syrian Army offensive against Daesh continues in the eastern districts of Aleppo, the Syrian Democratic Forces which mainly constitute Kurdish YPG units are gaining momentum for an offensive against the jihadists as well.

A representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Ahmet Hisso, spoke with Sputnik Turkey about the operation in Aleppo. According to him, clashes in the center of Aleppo in recent days have become very fierce. “People’s Protection Units which are part of the Democratic Syrian forces and fighters of Jaish al-Suvar have demonstrated significant progress in the fight against rebels of the Free Syrian Army and other jihadist groups,” Hisso said.

He further said that several quarters of the city have been liberated and residents of Mustambasa appealed to the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Revolutionary Army and Jaish al-Suvar for protection.

“In response to this, an operation was carried out in which our forces were able to rescue the civilians living in the neighborhood. In the Huluk district our forces managed to take control of several positions,” Hisso said. The representative further said that around 6,000 civilians from different districts have taken refuge in the Seyh Maksut quarter, protected by the forces. “Currently they are in need of additional help. Civilians continue to flee to safer areas,” Hisso added.

Earlier this month, the first special operation to evacuate the citizens of eastern Aleppo was held. On November 28, the Russian reconciliation center said that the Syrian army had established complete control over 12 districts in eastern Aleppo, liberating some 40 percent of the region’s territory.