Turkish Soldiers Killed by Syrian Forces in Al-Bab

Turkey’s state news agency reported the death of three Turkish soldiers in Syria’s al-Bab. Three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded Thursday in an air attack carried out by Syrian forces.

Starting at around 3.30 a.m. local time Thursday (0030GMT), Syrian forces carried out air strikes on Turkish troops close to the city of Al-Bab in northern Syria, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement.

However a report from Reuters, based on hospital and security sources said the soldiers had been killed in an Islamic State attack in northern Syria.

The wounded soldiers were transferred to hospitals in the Turkish border provinces of Kilis and Gaziantep.

Turkey had been contravening international law by using air power inside Syria’s borders recently to bomb Kurdish targets in the country’s north.

On 21 October the Syria accused Turkey of escalating the war in the country and said it would bring down any planes flying over Syria.

Aerial attacks ceased for several week but restarted on 20 November with Turkish fighters jets bombing Syrian Democratic Forces and civilian targets in the countryside north of Manbij, near al-Bab.

6 civilians including 2 children were killed on 22 November in a Turkish aerial attack.

Turkish soldiers first entered Syrian territory in August 2016 alongside Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups with the laucnh of Euphrates Shield operation.