Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun

Promises to End Israeli Occupation, is an Ally to Hezbollah and a Defender of the Syrian Government

Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano / HispanTV

The new President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, promised to free the Lebanese areas that are currently occupied by the Israeli regime.

“We will make every humanly possible effort to protect Lebanon from Israel and free what’s left of our land from Israeli occupation”, Aoun emphasized last Monday during his investiture speech.

In this context, the former military also recalled that Tel Aviv’s regime “Is still the biggest threat against Lebanon”.

The new leader of the Arab country also remarked that his government will continue to support Syria’s President, Bashar Al-Assad, in the fight against terrorism, an evil that has been devastating the neighboring country for the last five years.

He also stated his firm decision to fight against terrorism in the Middle East and promised to issue preventive measures to curb terrorism.

“To arm and to support the Lebanese Army will be my highest priority in order to combat any threat”, he said.

Last Monday, Michel Aoun was appointed President of Lebanon after winning the vote among deputies of the Parliament, with 83 favorable votes. This election ended the power vacuum of the country, which had suffered 29 consecutive months without a President.

Aoun’s rise to power is the result of a consensus between Hezbollah and the former Lebanese President Saad Hariri, who was also candidate to the presidency this time. Both parties agreed that Hariri will take the Prime Minister seat during Aoun’s presidency.

According to the 1943 Lebanese National Pact, the President must be a Maronite Christian, the Prime Minister must be a Sunni Muslim and the President of the Parliament must be a Shiite.

While Aoun has received the green light from several governments in the region, Israel’s government hasn’t hidden its dislike for him. But the newspaper Israel Hayom considers it a victory for Iran and Hezbollah against Saudi Arabia.