The Priority in Mosul is not Jihadi Terror but Looting and Occupation!

It is a huge mistake to see Mosul operation which has started against ISIS, as an operation to clean only the jihadi terrorist organisation.

One of the main reasons of imperialists and their collaborators is to seize and legitimize the seizure of the oil zones in the city while they direct jihadi terrorist organization ISIS to Syria. Besides, there are various jihadi terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

ISIS has born in the gap which was a result of U.S. invasion of Iraq. ISIS has been a tool for imperialists to proceed their occupation and settling agenda. ISIS was also led and protected by intelligence services of collaborator countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia. When ISIS entered into Mosul, Iraqi army left the city without firing a single bullet.

ISIS is a tool for imperialism to legitimize their purposes. It gives grounds for imperialism to intervene in Iraq and Syria. Imperialism finds legitimacy through ISIS and build its policy of “divide, tear up and rule” on these grounds.

The purpose of Mosul Operation is not to save the city from jihadi terrorists but to seize the energy sources.

Erdogan’s “we will be in the operation and at the table” words mean to take his cut from this operation and show this reality clearly.

Looting and occupation policy of imperialists and their collaborators means more hostility, more war and more death for the peoples of the region!

October 18th, 2016