Turkey’s Invasion from Jarablus to Exterin: 50 Villages Evacuated


The invasion by the Turkish army and their allied gangs from Jarablus to Exterin continues. It has almost been 2 months. Dozens of villages have been burned to the ground and plundered and an unmanned zone was created through forced displacement of the people.

The invasion by the Turkish army and their allied gangs from Jarablus to Rai, to Exterin continue. It has almost been 2 months. With the invasion, dozens of villages have been burned to the ground, and plundered and people were forced out while they claimed the villages were “liberated”. Those who didn’t want to leave their villages were first arrested, some were killed after days of intense torture, and others released days later, wasted away.


By the exile of Kurds in the region, it can be seen that the aim of Turkey and their allied gangs invading Jarablus is to change the demographic structure. The first thing they did after invading Jarablus was to evacuate two Kurdish neighborhoods. Former Chairperson of the Parliament and Lawyer Mahmut Nebo gave the following striking information on the subject:

“Jarablus consists of four neighborhoods. Two of them are mainly Kurdish, Hara Cebel and Heyya. First thing they did after the invasion started was to evacuate the Kurds in these neighborhoods. Not one person was left. We all had to run. they were arresting everybody. There was only a butcher left, then they arrested him too. And they arrested some members of the Berkel family. ow they bring in settlers from outside for the houses they evacuated. They made announcements like ‘Erdoğan is building homes for Syrian refugees’, the place they are building houses is the neighborhood they call Hara Cebel and we call Kaş.”


The invasion in Jarablus started towards Rai, and the villages between Jarablus and Rai. ISIS retreated from the region and left the villages to the Turkish invading forces and the gangs. Occasionally, claiming that ISIS attacked, villages like Zuğur, Helvaniye, Ereb İzê and El Wukuf were bombed by Turkish fighter jets. These bombings tore the villages to the ground and forced the villagers to move. All belongings of the people were confiscated. The confiscated belongings were handed over to Sultan Murad, and Sultan Murad distributed the “spoils of war” to all the groups, supposedly. But in time it came to light that that wasn’t the case, when clashes broke out between Feylek Al Sham and Sultan Murad. The Arab-Turkmen conflict fed by the Turkish forces also caused this friction. The recent discussions are about having the Arab groups leave the region in groups, this is why clashes have broken out among them in Jarablus, Rai and Azaz.

After Rai, the Turkish forces and their allied gangs turned towards Ezaz and Exterin line to deepen and expand their invasion. The region between Ezaz and Exterin is Shehba. There are approximately 217 Kurdish villages in the region. Controlling Shehba region means inching towards control over Aleppo. This shows the goals of RTE and Turkey in Aleppo. The Turkish army and their allied gangs advancing from Rai to Ezaz and to Exterin to invade were made to look like they had huge clashes with ISIS in villages, even though ISIS retreated and didn’t fight. Then they claimed ISIS attacked and the villages were bombed intensely with jet fighters, tanks and artilleries. Dozens of villages were destroyed and the villagers’ belongings were confiscated. The people were pushed out. Around 5 thousand people from the people who were forced out crossed over to Efrîn. Two migrant camps in Efrîn have issued urgent calls for aid.


There were approximately 50 villages destroyed by the bombings. The villages that were burned down and emptied of people are:

El Rai (Çobanbey), Tel Ahmer, Şabaniyê, Mezaraa Şahin, Tel Battal, El Ahmediyê, Halfetli, Bığeydin, Kara Mezraa, El Xırbe, Hercelê, Havar Kilis, İkide, Şıvarin, Tilil Şam, Selamê, Yazıbağ, Maarin, El Selame, Niyara, Şıvarıx, Brişe, Kefer Qelbin, Kel Cibrin, Sendef, Marae, Delha, Kara köprü, Dudyan, Bınbeyan, Heke, Sendera, Bihurta, Herdanê, Türken Barex, Exterin, El Beride, Mezraet Ela, Kaibe, Sındê, Tel Atiye, Tobran, El Wukuf, Tel Ar, Uveylin, Gidriş, Ziyadiyê, Tel Semir, Qentera, Karagöz, Sendere, Tel Şehir, Kısacık, Tat Humus.

Most of these evacuated and destroyed villages are Kurdish villages. These villages are completely unmanned now. These attacks are reminiscent of the village evacuations and burnings in Northern Kurdistan in the 1990’s. The locals who are facing this cruelty by the Turkish army and their allied gangs remember the Ottoman cruelty they heard from their fathers and grandfathers.

Yazıbağ, Maarin and Selamê villages that were invaded and evacuated have borders with Efrîn. The Turkish forces and their allied gangs who invaded these villages have started digging positions in these villages and around the villages on the border of Bıbıl, Raco and Şiyê districts. They are also stockpiling. This shows that in the coming period, they have a serious and dangerous plan against Efrîn and the surroundings. On the other hand, the invasion that continues into the depths of Shehba and reaches to Exterin wants to turn these Turkish forces and their allied gangs into the border between the Kurdish forces. This is seen as the powers who approved the invasion planning to have the Turkish army forces and their gangs fight the Kurdish forces and the QSD.