Turkey, US-led Coalition Commit Another Massacre in Azaz

Turkish and global coalition warplanes supported by Operation Room of Euphrates Shield committed another massacre in Doweybiq town located in the east of Azaz resulting in killing 10 civilians and others wounded.

Some sources from Shahba regions pointed out that the Turkish and coalition warplanes have committed a new massacre in Doweybiq 20 km from Azaz and it resulted in 10 martyrs whose bodies are still under the rubble.

The victims are: Mahmoud Faraj, Sheikh Mamek with his wife, Imam’s two wives with their children and the citizen al-Sheikh Imam is in a critical condition and there are other victims who are unidentified.

It is very important to know that Daesh mercenaries regained several villages in Aleppo northern countryside from Turkish mercenaries which are: Akhtreen, al-Ula farm, Turkman Bareh, Khoptan, Balikha and al-Aziziya” in which the Turkish mercenaries have left a lot of weapons and ammunitions for Daesh mercenaries. Operation Room of Euphrates Shield could restore these villages and towns after heavy shelling by the Turkey and global coalition warplanes in addition to artillery shelling on villages and towns in the northern countryside of Azaz, this resulted in huge destruction and Doweybiq massacre.



The Turkish state increases its fortification on Afrin borders

AFRIN- The Turkish state movements continue at the border with Afrin canton, as has built new towers and dug 6-meter of depth trenches, and is equipping bordering police stations with new machinaries.

The Turkish state continues its fortifications at Afrin borders amid mobilization and full readiness of their forces, and has also pointed their weapons toward Afrin villages, while the Turkish state is broadening the trenches and bringing new machineries like armored vehicle, canons and putting digital cameras opposite to Shera district.

According to locals in the bordering villages of Shera, the Turkish borders guards have intensified their shifts, and increased the number of soldiers and equipment.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish state is fortifying its borderline with Afrin canton starting from Janders reaching Bulbul with cement slabs, as to Bulbul and Shera districts, there are huge trenches and some 4-meter slabs.





The Turkish massacres are targeting all Syrian components

The Executive Body in Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemned the massacre that the Turkish state has committed in Thulthana village and said that the Turkish occupation commits massacres against the people of the region without discriminating between Kurds, Arabs and Christians, and it appealed to the international powers to hold themselves responsibility and try to stop massacres of the Turkish state.

The Executive Body in TEV-DEM announced a statement about the massacre in Thulthana village affiliated to Bab region and paid their condolences to the families of the victims and appealed the components to confront these attacks.

”The Turkish state continues its barbaric attacks against Rojava and north of Syria and has also killed 17 Arabic citizens in last September 27, and have bombarded the village by warplanes which resulted in 18 martyrs and wounded others. First, we deplore the barbaric and fascist attacks of the Turkish state and we pay our condolences to the families of the victims and we promise that Turkey will not be allowed to carry out its plans against our people of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Armenians, and Turkmens”.

The Turkish occupation has transferred into encumbrance in all over the Middle East and it tried to spread its military forces in Syria and Iraq and carried out attacks against the people who demand freedom. The main target of the Turkish state is not to allow solidifying democracy in the Middle East and preventing coexistence between all people, while the Turkish state continues its oppressive and despotic policies on the internal level in general, it strives to export its internal disturbances to the Middle East and particularly the Kurdish issue. As the Turkish crisis worsens, the Turkish state escalates its chauvinist practices aiming at absorbing the internal anger and imposing its occupying policy.

To face the Turkish occupation, all people have to escalate the struggle because the Turkish state is committing the massacres against all people.

We appeal to the international powers which is resorting to silence, that they are paving the way to Turkey to increase its massacres, and to hold themselves responsibility and stop the Turkish attacks.

We will always say that the attacks of the Turkish state target the Syrian land and people, all peoples have the right to resist the occupation and mobilize all their political and diplomatic abilities to resist these attacks.