Efrin Canton Leadership: The International Coalition is Responsible for Turkish Army’s Aggression Against Efrin

The Turkish state continues its provocative practices along Rojava, northern Syria borders against civilians and our troops that are fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world. The occupying Turkish army last night, September 7, attacked the village of Sorka in Efrin’s Raco area (northwestern Syria) with heavy artillery, killing and injuring dozens of our security forces and local villagers. The assault occurred near the border between Efrin and Turkey, to this moment, not even one bullet has been fired from Efrin towards Turkey.

As the co-leaders of Efrin Canton, we strongly condemn these repeated attacks of the Turkish army that are directly aimed to destabilize the peace and security in Efrin region.

We urgently call upon the international community to declare their position towards Turkey’s increased violence, and to press on the Turkish state to stop its incursion into Syrian soil. If the International Coalition’s stance is not to be determined, we will have the right to consider it being a part of the assaults.

We in Efrin Canton will not stay silent in face of these brutal crimes, if the violations are to continue against the Democratic Self-Administration, then our People’s Defense Units (YPG), Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and the Asayish security forces will carry out proper response.

Co-Leadership of Efrin Canton – September 8, 2019
الإدارة الذاتية – مقاطعة عفرين Xweseriya Demoqratîk – Kantona Efrîn