Turkish Army Shelling Rojava: Many Civilian Casualties

6 martyred in the occupying Turkish army’s attacks
Shelling targeting YPG positions and civilian areas continues

AFRIN | ANHA – The occupying Turkish army is shelling the border villages in the Raco district of Afrin with howitzers, heavy weapons and tanks since Wednesday evening.

There are many reports of deaths and injuries.

According to ANHA reporters in the region, the Turkish army has also started shelling the border village of Surkê in the Raco district of Afrin.

5 Erka Xweparastine members (Self-Defence Forces) and one Asayish member have been martyred in the intensive attacks. At least 6 Asayish members and Erka Xweparastine members have been wounded.

As the attacks continue in its entire scope, civilians are flocking to the zone to retrieve the wounded Erka Xweparastine members from the area.

The occupying Turkish army has also targeted civilians, injuring many.

The Turkish army’s attacks on occupying Afrin continues while aerial activity of reconnaissance aircraft is ongoing in the region.

The Turkish army is carrying out the concept of occupation against Rojava territory.

The YPG Media Center said in a statement today that the occupying Turkish army had also attacked YPG positions in Kobani and Derik on Tuesday where one YPG fighter was martyred and another wounded.