Stop the Wall! Oppose the Turkish Occupation of Syria!

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık stated that Turkey supports ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham against the SDF, Rojava and North Syria Federation, and called upon everyone to oppose the Turkish occupation.


KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık spoke to Stêrk TV on the recent developments in Rojava, Antep massacre, and Turkey’s occupation of Jarablus.


Regarding Antep massacre, Bayık recalled that the ISIS attack on a wedding in Antep came a few hours after the KCK’s recent declaration on the solution of the Kurdish issue, and stated that the attack was aimed at rendering the declaration ineffective and changing the agenda in order to create the grounds for Turkey’s invasion of Jarablus. Bayık said that ISIS was assigned for the massacre carried out by the AKP, and described the reason why ISIS does not attack Turkey as the collaboration between these two parties. Bayık noted that the main goal of this collaboration was to isolate the Kurdish people and their movement both inside and outside Turkey, and offered his condolences to the families of the people massacred in Antep.


In response to a question on the silence of international powers on Turkey’s occupation of Jarablus, Bayık said that these powers are more interested in their economical, political and militaristic goals as opposed to democracy, freedom, justice and human rights, and have changed the course of the war in Syria with their ongoing silence. Bayık recalled the tensions between Turkey and several international powers, and said the Jarablus alliance among these countries was fragile and doomed to end. Bayık stated that Erdoğan teamed up with opposition leaders Bahçeli and Kılıçdaroğlu in order to hide the weakness of Turkey, which became apparent during the July 15 coup process, and decided to invade Jarablus as part of this attempt. However, Bayık noted that Syrian Democratic Forces, YPG and YPJ have been inflicting heavy blows against ISIS, and this upset Turkey’s policies in Syria, and angered Erdoğan who has decided to improve relations with the US and Russia in order to stop the advance and success of Rojava Revolution. Bayık recalled the meeting between Iran, the US, Massoud Barzani, and Turkey in Ankara, which decided to “let Turkey have Jarablus just like they let ISIS have Mosul”. He pointed out that there was no fighting in Jarablus, the town was handed over to Turkey, and ISIS gangs changed their uniforms and now disguise as FSA members.


Regarding Massoud Barzani’s relations with Turkey, KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık criticized Barzani’s support for Turkey and recalled that the invasion of Jarablus took place during Barzani’s recent visit to Ankara. Bayık also criticized Barzani’s lack of opposition to Turkey’s Jarablus occupation and said Barzani continues his efforts to inflict blows against the Kurdish Freedom Movement through his partnership with Turkey. Bayık refuted pro-KDP sources’ claims that Barzani visited Ankara to play a role in the solution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey, and warned Barzani to stop serving the interests of occupant forces such as Turkey in order to weaken the Kurdish Freedom Movement.


In response to a question on the contradiction between Turkey’s emphasis on the unity of Syria and occupation of Rojava, Bayık said that Turkey’s only concern is to further its interests in the region and prevent Syrian Democratic Forces and Kurdish people from making gains in Rojava. Bayık remarked that Turkey’s invasion of Jarablus threatens the unity of Syria and is motivated by its enmity towards Kurdish people. Bayık called upon everyone to resist Turkey in all parts of Kurdistan because Turkey is an obstacle for the democratization of Syria and Iraq.

Regarding Turkey’s occupation of Jarablus, Bayık said that Erdoğan expresses his neo-Ottoman motivations as he coincides the occupation with the day Yavuz Sultan Selim began his Battle of Marj Dābiq in 1516 and names the third bridge over the Bosphorus Strait after Yavuz Sultan Selim. He continued; “Kurdish, Arab, Circassian, Assyrian, Armenian and other peoples of Syria should set aside their differences and protect their lands from Turkey.” Bayık described the defeat of Rojava Revolution as Erdoğan’s only goal in Syria, and added that Erdoğan’s ambitions on Syria and Iraq are no different that the ambitions of Yavuz Sultan Selim, who had conquered the region five centuries ago.


Stressing that Turkey wants to annihilate the Rojava Revolution, Bayık said this would mean annihilation of Kurds in all parts, and described it as enmity against humanity because Rojava, SDF and Northern Syria Federation, that stand and fight against ISIS today, are fighting for not only themselves but the whole humanity and world as well.

Bayık continued, underlining that; “Turkey stands against Rojava, SDF and Northern Syria Federation and it wants to make ISIS, Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham dominate over the region. This is a huge danger upon Kurds, and also for the Middle East and the world. Kurds will resist, and stand against Turkey and ISIS. In contrary case, the greatest damage will be suffered by humanity itself. Everyone should support Rojava, SDF and Northern Syria Federation. All Syrian peoples, parties, cultures and religions should oppose Turkish occupation all together. They should protect their countries, cities, lands, villages and values. Everyone should join hands and protect the integrity of Syria to not allow Turkey to occupy Syria, to not establish its own ruling, nor ISIS’, in the Middle East and the world. In the event of facing a major resistance, Turkey will come to a dead end and suffer a heavy blow. In this case, all peoples will triumph. I therefore call on everyone to oppose Turkey’s occupation.”