Kobani Resistance Against Turkish Invasion Continues Into 8th Day

KOBANI | ANHA– Kobani residents continue their sit-in on the borders with Bakur Kurdistan in the 8th day successively, while the Turkish army has intensified their forces and ammunitions. After the bloody attacks of AKP on Kobani civilians with tear-gas bombs and shooting on them, two civilians lost their lives and dozens were injured, the Turkish army however was forces to retreat few hours after these confrontations, and people continue their sit-in.https://i2.wp.com/en.hawarnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/KOBANE-BERXDAN-DEWAMDIKIN-DI-ROJA-8-DE-3-300x199.jpg

In a relevant concern, the Turkish army continues building the wall of shame between Kobani and Bakur Kurdistan, which starts from Murshed Pinar border crossing, and has built till now more than 50 meters of the wall, and has intensified its forces and ammunitions on the borders with Kobani.

Decrying the construction of this wall, Kobani residents are going on sit-ins every day and they assured they would keep there till the Turkish state stops building this shameful wall.

Turkish soldiers murder a civilian on Kobani border


KOBANI | ANHA -Turkish soldiers have murdered a 17 years-old civilian on the Kobani border.

Turkish soldiers have murdered a 17 years-old civilian and injured more than 40 people during their attack with machine guns and tear gas canisters on civilians, who have been on protesting Turkey’s construction of a wall on the border

The people of Kobani continue their vigil against Turkish occupation along the border.

Turkey expanding borders between parts of Kurdistan

ALIN HAMO-NUSHIN IBRAHIM | KOBANI | ANHA – Aldar Khalil a member of the Democratic Society Movements pointed out that the Turkish state is trying to expand the borders between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan.

Activities and events denouncing the Turkish occupation of north Syria, building wall of shame between Kobani and Bakur Kurdistan continue.

Aldar Khalil said yesterday that Democratic Society Movement have taken part in the activities decrying the Turkish acts, and gave a speech in this occasion.

Aldar Khalil said” in the name of our people and Democratic Society Movement, we salute all participants in these activities, Kobani has become a symbol of resistance and an example of Kurdistan revolution”.

Khalil pointed out “the Turkish state has occupied Bakur Kurdistan for ages, and now is trying through such acts to expand its borders, these demonstrations and events are an indication of rejecting the construction of wall of shame between Kurdistan parts”.

Commenting on the late happenings in Jarablus, Khalil said that the Turkish state is occupying the region and escalating its attacks on the region with the aid of its mercenaries.

Khalil concluded saying “Kobani residents have revolted today and adopted the democratic federal project, escalated their resistance and presence on the borders, organized events and activities decrying the acts of the Turkish state, and we hope that the Kurdish people follow its example”.

Turkish army occupies Kobanê land and builds a wall


Dozens of Turkish military vehicles cross into Rojava

Turkish military vehicles have advanced into 200 meters of Rojava land over the Meydan Ekbise village of Efrîn city. Turkish troops have started to dig a trench in the area between Sorka and Meydan Ekbise villages. Turkish military’s construction of a wall in the area also continues.





Turkish soldiers have crossed into the Rojava land to the accompaniment of armored vehicles and heavy construction equipment.

While soldiers of the Turkish army are building a wall, Kobanê people continue their protest vigil in the border area against Turkish occupation.