Northern Syria: Final Declaration of the Federal System Constituent Assembly Meeting


Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly held a meeting in Derik, evaluated the most recent developments in the region, and scheduled its next meeting for early November.

In the final declaration of its meeting, the Constituent Assembly noted that the imperialist system and gang groups were not pleased by the victory in Manbij and the region’s peoples’ love for SDF fighters, and the Ba’athist regime reached an agreement with Turkey and Iran in order to prevent the liberation of Jarablus, Bab and Shehba regions. The Constituent Assembly described the regime attack on Hesekê as a result of this agreement, and said that these countries unleashed ISIS upon Shehba once their plans in Hesekê were foiled.

The Constituent Assembly described the occupation of Jarablus as Turkey’s illegal attempt to be the new Ottoman Empire and defeat the Federation project in Rojava.


North Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly called upon the peoples of Syria to support the SDF and save the region from Turkey’s occupation and terrorism. The Constituent Assembly also called upon the international public to take a stance against Turkey’s occupation, and formed a committee to plan out the preparation of a new program and schedule.

Lastly, The Constituent Assembly decided to hold meetings all across North Syria for the promotion of the Federal system and draft of the Social Contract. Higher Election Commission will be formed and election efforts are scheduled to begin after the approval of the Social Contract.