Turkish Army Moves Deeper Into Syrian Territory

Clashes Between Jarablus MC and Turkey-affiliated death squads


According to information gathered from Manbij Military Council sources, Turkish tanks launched an attack targeting the Al-Emarne village, 8 km south of Jarablus, and positions of Manbij Military Council fighters in Yusufbeg village.

Reports are coming through that clash erupted between Turkey-affiliated FSA groups and Manbij Military Council fighters upon their retaliation to the attack.

During the morning hours, Turkish jets shelled the Al-Emarne village and hit civilian residential areas with howitzers. Local sources also report an activity of Turkish drones.

The Turkish army penetrates into Kobani territories

KOBANI | ANHA – Armed vehicles of the turkish army have penetrated into the territories of Kobani near the border gate of Murshid Binar, and the vehicles have started digging within the lands of the canton.

Our reporters have said that armed vehicles of Scorpion type of the Turkish army have penetrated within the lands of Kobani accompanied by digging machinaries.

Turkish tanks move towards Amarna village

JARABLUS | ANHA Turkish tanks stationed in Jarablus are moving towards Amarna village held by the Military Council of Manbij.

Our reporter according to sources in the Military Council of Manbij said that there intensive movements of the Turkish tanks in Jarablus towards Amarna village 8 km south Jarablus and north of Manbij.

The AKP forces occupying Jarablus had already launched attacks on Amarna village.

Shams Al-Shemal brigades head for Jarablos fronts

MANBIJ | ANHA– the General Command of Shams al-Shemal brigades announced their support for Jarablus Military Council against the Turkish occupation of Jarablus.

The General Command to Shams al-Shemal brigades announced that they are advancing toward Jarablus to help Jarablus Military Council, the statement is:

”After the attack against our people and brothers in Jarablus Military Council and the threats made by some of Turkey factions, we in Shams al-Shemal brigades go to the fronts of Jarablos to sustain and support the Jarablus Military Council and its countryside against threats made Turkey-backed factions. “

JMC: shelling our positions is a dangerous escalation


ANHA – the Military Council of Jarablus and its countryside called the Turkish occupation to stop targeting their forces fighting IS mercenaries and has stressed on its ability to defend themselves, and have held Turkey responsible for these aggressive acts.

The Military Council of Jarablus and its countryside released a statement to the public about the Turkish bombardment of Amarna village south of Jarablus:

“the Turkish warplanes have shelled our positions and residential areas in Amarna village south of Jarablus, leaving many causalities among civilians which is considered a serious escalation and a threat to the fate of the area and turning it to a new conflicting point amid threats of Turkey-backed factions”.

The council assured that these acts would not undermine their will defending their goals in protecting people against any offensive, and the Turkish state would have to undertake the repercussions of its acts and handicapping efforts countering terror acts.

The council called turkey to stop targeting their forces which are fighting the terrorist organization of IS.

The council also warned from the repercussions of “these provocative irresponsible acts” and emphasized their ability of defending themselves.

The Military Council of Jarablus and its countryside called the international society and the global coalition to interfere and put an end to these acts which will be having drastic consequences on the situation of North Aleppo in the long run.

The statement was concluded with” we assure that we have not approached the borderline in order to avoid any clashes, and in case they do not attack our forces, we will be keeping the borders safe”.

Manbij Military Council supports Jarablus Military Council

ANHA – Manbij Military Council announced their support to Jarablus Military Council and confirmed that they are ready to face the aggressive schemes implemented by turkey-backed mercenaries, and considered the Turkish aggression on the Jarablus forces a blatant challenge of the war on terrorism, and warned Turkey to turn the safe lines it claims secure to one aggression starts from.

Manbij Military council issued a statement as following:

In the beginning of statement the Manbij council pointed out that the Turkish warplanes bombed this morning points of Jarablus Military council and its surroundings, saying” the bombing resulted in injuring fighters and they were transferred to hospitals for treatment. In a dangerous escalation on the part of Turkey that is exploiting the silence of the world and international and regional temporary consensus for its blatant interference in Jarablus in order to obstruct the war on terror “, and they pointed out that Turkey has resorted to the policy of secret deals with terrorists to enter Jarablus without a fight”.

The Council announced their support for Jarablus Military Council and they confirmed that they are ready to face the aggressive schemes implemented by Turkey through mercenaries and they called all democratic forces to foil Turkey attempts to transfer their eternal problems to north Aleppo.

In the end of the statement Manbij Military Council warned Turkey and its mercenaries of transforming the so-called Turkish safe lines to ones where aggression starts from led by Justice and Development Party and its allies of the mercenaries and terrorist groups, in order to hinder the war on terrorism and replace it by ISIS terrorism which is no different from those factions.