Internationalist Perspective

Beginning in September 2016, the  primary objective of this website will be to feature articles from an Internationalist perspective that promote genuine solutions to the regional crisis in the Middle East and to support grassroots revolutionary movements embracing creative, compassionate, just, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal ideals.

This is beyond partisanship.

It is time to celebrate, protect and defend what is best in humanity, rather than lend energy and support for what no longer serves us.

It is time to break free of repetitive, self-destructive patterns of thought, belief and behavior so that we might collectively transcend oppressive influences and claim our right to live as free peoples.

We oppose the imperialist war against Syria.

We support the democratic rights of all Syrian people, including the Kurdish population.

We condemn the continued exclusion of the Syrian Kurds from dialog which  has fueled separatist sentiment.

The Syrian state must shoulder the responsibility for this grave injustice.

Standing Against a People for the Sake of a State: The Kurdish Question is Our Question Too

We support the Kurdish struggle against the genocidal Turkish state.

We affirm the right of the Kurdish people to a sovereign, independent homeland.

We acknowledge the tremendous contribution of the Rojava-Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly.

We endorse the final declaration from the International Meeting with the Struggling Youth and Women of Kobane.

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in Defense of Life and Humanity
in Honor of
Muammar al-Qaddāfī

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