Syrian Kurds Want Jaysh Al-Islam on UN ‘Terrorist List’

The co-chair of Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) told Sputnik that the UN Security Council should list the Syrian Islamist militant group Jaysh Al-Islam as a terrorist organization, after the insurgents had admitted to using “forbidden” weapons in a recent attack in Aleppo.


 MOSCOW  – On Thursday, Jaysh al-Islam admitted to using “forbidden” weapons in clashes with an armed wing of the PYD in Aleppo’s Kurdish-held Sheikh Maqsoud district. Videos uploaded by activists following the attack showed a yellow cloud rising above buildings in the district, while a doctor from a Red Crescent hospital in Aleppo stated that victims of the attack displayed signs of chlorine poisoning.”Jaish Al-Islam should be in the terrorist list. The most important point [is] who supplied them [with] chemical weapons? And why are [they] using [it] against the Kurds? I think all organizations with the same mentality of Al-Qaeda should be in terrorist list of UN SC,” Saleh Muslim said.

Jaish al-Islam is part of the March ceasefire agreement with the Syrian government, and is participating in the Syrian peace talks in Geneva as part of the Riyadh-formed High Negotiations Committee (HNC).

Earlier on Saturday, Senam Mohamed, European Representative of the Rojava Administration, told Sputnik that radical groups within the Syrian opposition deployed chemical weapons, mortars and Grad rockets during the recent attack on Sheikh Maqsoud.

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