Syrian Front: Turkey Sends Special Forces to Aleppo City to Help Al-Nusra Terrorists Fight Kurds

Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (April 9, 2016)

General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides

Ceasefire agreement with elders of an inhabited locality of the Homs province has been achieved.

The total number of settlements, the leaders of which had signed reconciliation agreements, has reached 59.

Negotiations with a field commander of an armed opposition detachment active in the Aleppo province on joining ceasefire regime were continued.

The number of ceasefire application forms signed with leaders of armed groupings has remained 47.

Results of ceasefire monitoring

The ceasefire regime has been observed in most provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Within last 24 hours, 6 ceasefire violations have been registered (Latakia – 4, Homs – 1, Quneitra – 1).

Militants of Ahrar al-Sham grouping, which had claimed to belong to the opposition, carried out mortar shelling against units of the Syrian army near Sandran, Ard al-Wata, Mazraat Omaro and Rasha (Latakia province). One civilian was killed, two citizens were heavily wounded.

Ahrar al-Sham militants performed mortar shelling against Tesnin village (Homs province) from Umm Sharshukh.

In Quneitra province, opposition formations of the Free Syrian Army systematically fired with small arms against Saasa. One civilian was killed.

Russian Aerospace Forces did not make strikes on armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.

Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria

Russian Centre for reconciliation has delivered humanitarian aid to al-Qaryatayn (Homs province), which had been liberated from the ISIS militants. Citizens, who were returning to their houses, have received 1.5 tons of humanitarian cargos.

Humanitarian convoys to citizens of the Damascus and Aleppo provinces are being formed.

Additional information

Militants of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groupings (not included in the Russian-American agreement on ceasefire in Syria) continue performing armed provocative actions against civilians and the government troops.

Combat actions have been intensified and the number of shellings against Aleppo performed by Jabhat al-Nusra has been raised. Sheikh Said and Sheikh Maqsood city sections as well as Blat, Maniyan, al-Khandyr and al-Isa have been suffering systematical shellings. Six civilians were killed and 23 ones were wounded.

In course of attack from Ashrafiyah, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists pierces into defensive positions of Kurdish detachments by 300 meters and captured two streets in the north-west of Sheikh Maqsood (Aleppo).

Jabhat al-Nusra formations took efforts to launch an offensive on position of the Syrian army near Handrat village after performing artillery shelling from Muheim Handrat. Having suffered losses, militants returned to the position, which they had kept before.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Four breaches of Cessation of hostilities by terrorist organizations during the past 24 hours
9 April، 2016
Homs, SANA

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that Hemeimim coordination center observed 4 breaches by terrorist organizations for the cessation of hostilities agreement during the past 24 hours which raised the total number of terrorist organizations’ breaches to 368 since the agreement went into effect on 27 February.

Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a press conference in al-Qaraytain city in the countryside of Homs Province that there are talks about two breaches in northern countryside of Lattakia, and two in each countryside of Homs and Hama, pointing out the involvement of gunmen from what is called “Jaish al-Islam” and “free army” in the breaches.

“More than 1200 terrorists from “Jabhat al-Nusra” are in the north side of Aleppo city and have 10 tanks and about 30 four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns which indicate their preparation to conduct terrorist attacks in Aleppo.” Gen. Konashenkov affirmed.

Gen. Konashenkov added that the Cessation of Hostilities agreement is still standing in most provinces in spite of repeated violations of the terrorist organizations, pointing out that around 50 armed groups have joined the agreement so far.

Many Syrian towns expressed willingness to join the national reconciliation where the number of the towns joined the agreement reached 60, while some other 20 towns are contacting representatives of the Russian Coordination Center to join the Agreement, the Russian general said.


Six children killed in an ISIS land mine blast in northern Aleppo
9 April، 2016
Aleppo/Damascus Countryside, SANA

Six children were killed due to a blast of a land mine of those left behind by terrorist groups linked to ISIS in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Local sources from Darb Hassan village in which the explosion occurred said the mine blew a group of kids up on Friday in the village, which is located on the border between Aleppo and Raqqa.

The sources confirmed that the blast left six children dead and others injured.

Terrorist rocket attack on Police Hospital in Harasta causes material damage

Terrorists located in the Eastern Ghouta area fired a rocket shell on the Police Hospital in Harasta area, a source at the Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA.

The source said that no citizens or hospital staff members were injured in the attack which caused only material damage.

Qabas/ H. Said / Hazem Sabbagh

52 terrorists were killed in Aleppo as the attacks on the city’s Şêx Meqsud neighborhood continue
April 9, 2016

YPG Media Center stated that Lîwaa Sultan Murad, Ahrar Al-Şam, 16th Brigade, Lîwaa Al-Fetih, Festeqim Kema Emert, 13th Division, Firqa Al Şemaliye and Nûreddîn Zenkî Battalion continue their attacks on Aleppo’s Şêx Meqsud neighborhood.

In its statement, YPG noted that the gangs used artillery and Grad and hand-made missiles in their attacks on civilians in residential areas, and killed 5 and injured 16 civilians. YPG Media Center stated that YPG forces inflicted heavy blows on the gangs over the past two days, and destroyed 1 tank, 3 Doçka type rifles, 20 military vehicles and 1 ammunition storage unit. YPG announced that its forces killed 52 gangs and injured dozens over the past two days.

YPG announced that one of its fighters fell as martyr over the past two days in Şêx Meqsud, and the attacks of the gangs slowed down on April 8 after the effective resistance of YPG forces.

YPG Media Center stated that ISIS gangs to the south of Jarablus attacked the town of Şêxler to the southwest of Kobanê at 21:00 on April 8 with heavy weaponry.

Lastly, YPG noted that ISIS gangs shelled the village of Bawerdê located between Şedadê’s Mekmen village and the border with Iraq on April 8.

Turkey Sends Special Forces to Aleppo City to Help Al-Nusra Terrorists Fight Kurds

TEHRAN (FNA)- Kurdish sources disclosed that the Turkish army’s special forces have arrived in the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria after the al-Nusra Front and its allies asked for reinforcement troops to escape a crushing defeat from the Kurdish forces.

The Turkish special forces have now gathered near Sheikh Maqsoud district of Aleppo city, Kurdish-language news agencies reported on Saturday.

Turkey’s government troops have been dispatched to Aleppo city’s Sheikh Maqsoud to support Al-Etelaf battalion (Kataeb al-Etelaf) terrorists who are supported by Ankara and Riyadh governments, a Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) commander said this afternoon.

Al-Etelaf Battalion has carried out several attacks on Sheikh Maqsoud region over the past several months, but all of them have failed.

Also, a commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said two troopers from the Turkish army special forces named Dougan and Aslan have been killed in their failed attacks in the last few days.

Informed sources in Aleppo city said that the Turkish forces were members of Turkey’s intelligence apparatus (MIT) and have arrived in Aleppo city after passing Bab al-Hawa border crossing near the city of Idlib.

The Arabic service of the Russian Sputnik news agency also reported on Thursday that 100 Turkish special forces have arrived in Aleppo city.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website also quoted Kurdish sources as saying that the Turkish special forces are now in Aleppo city as the Kurdish forces are engaged in fierce clashes with the Takfiri terrorists.

Earlier on Saturday, the YPG foiled an attempt by the Takfiri terrorists to capture Sheikh Maqsoud district in Aleppo city.

The Al-Nusra Front and their allies tried to take control of Sheikh Maqsoud area, but they were forced to retreat by the YPG fighters.

The Takfiri terrorists sustained heavy casualties and losses in fierce clashes with the Kurdish forces.

On Friday, a 100-member group of the Turkish Army troops crossed the border from Turkey to Syria’s Northwestern province of Idlib.

The Turkish soldiers crossed into the Syrian terrorist-held province of Idlib form the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.

A report said on Wednesday that the winning back of the strategic town of al-Eis and its adjacent hill in Southern Aleppo was a crucially important step paving the way for the Syrian army to move to Idlib province.

The Syrian army and their allies managed to recapture the strategic town of al-Eis and Tal al-Eis during an intense night operation, military sources said.

Winning back of Tal al-Eis gave the pro-government forces the high ground in Southern Aleppo, which allows them fire control over the strategic Aleppo-Damascus Highway (M-5 Highway) that flows into the provincial capital.

With thousands of soldiers in the strategic towns of Al-Hadher, Al-Safira, and Al-Eis, the pro-government forces shifted their attention to the key village of Al-Zorba and the nearby ICARDA Farms that provide the government forces a gateway to regions Northeast of Idlib province.

The Syrian army and popular forces pushed their way to the outskirts of the ICARDA Farms, where they are currently engaged in a fierce battle with Al-Nusra Front, Jund Al-Aqsa, Ahrar Al-Sham Movement, Ajnad Al-Sham, and the Free Syrian Army’s “Division 13”.

Kurdish Forces Inflict Heavy Losses on ISIL Terrorists in Hasaka Province

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) continued their advances in Hasaka province and inflicted heavy losses on ISIL in heavy clashes.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in tough battle with the YPG forces in al-Shadadi region in the Southern parts of Hasaka province.

In a relevant development last week, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the YPG inched closer to winning back the key village of al-Maleha which is located 30 kilometers to the Southwest of al-Shadadi region.

The Kurdish forces were less than 4 kilometers from al-Maleha which is located between Abu Khashb in Raqqa province and Hasaka city.

Informed military sources said that vast areas in Hasaka, Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces are scenes of bloody clashes between Kurdish forces and the ISIL terrorists.

Kurdish parties are already in control of three administrations in Syria’s North near the Turkish border. The regions are known as Afrin and Kobani, both in Aleppo Province, as well as Jazira in Hasaka Province.

Syria has been grappling with a foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. More than 470,000 people have been killed in the turmoil, according to a February report by the Syrian Center for Policy Research.

The army reacts to terrorist groups’ attacks in Aleppo, hitting their positions in several areas
9 April، 2016
Aleppo, SANA

Army units in Aleppo reacted to violations by Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups of the cessation of hostilities agreement in the country, hitting their positions in various areas in the city and countryside of Aleppo.

Some armed groups operating in the southern and western parts of Aleppo that previously announced their affiliation to the “opposition” have recently put themselves under the command of Jabhat al-Nusra leadership and got involved in provocations and breaches of the agreement.

The army operations in the countryside targeted terrorists’ hideouts in the vicinity of Khan Touman town and in the villages of al-Eis and Muweilih, a military source told SANA on Saturday.

Fortified centers and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns and laden with ammunition were destroyed, while a number of terrorists were killed as a result of the operations.

More positions and hideouts of those terrorist groups were hit and destroyed in the areas of Handarat Camp and Abd Rabbeh on the northern outskirts of Aleppo city, according to the source.

At least 14 terrorists were acknowledged to have been killed in the vicinity of Handarat Camp area, according to terrorist groups’ social media pages.

The military source also told SANA that several gatherings of terrorists were eliminated and a number of mortar launchers were destroyed in the Youth Housing Project area and Bani Zaid neighborhood in Aleppo city.

Meanwhile, local sources in al-Sheik Maqsoud neighborhood said the Kurdish Protection Units repelled an attack by Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups affiliated to it.

A number of the attackers were killed or injured and the rest fled as a result of the confrontations, according to the sources.

In the same context, army units carried out special operations against ISIS positions and vehicles in Arran and Rasm al-Khamis Gharbi villages in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, leaving the sites and vehicles destroyed.

H. Said

Field commander at al-Dmeir Airport: Airport completely secure

2000 civilians are being transported back to their homes in Palmyra and al-Qaryatain
9 April، 2016
Homs, SANA

Homs Governorate ran on Saturday buses to transport displaced locals back to their homes in the cities of Palmyra and al-Qaryatain heading from Homs city.

Both cities came recently under the army’s control after all ISIS terrorists were forced out of them.

Some 2000 displaced people will be transported by 46 buses that will head to Palmyra city, in addition to two buses to al-Qaryatain, said Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi in a statement to the reporters outside the Governorate’s building where the buses will set off.

The transporting goes on as technical teams of various establishments have already embarked on maintenance works to repair and rehabilitate the infrastructure damaged by ISIS terrorists.

“It is expected that the main services of health, electricity and water will be restored within weeks in the two cities,” the governor said.

The locals of al-Qaryatain city started returning to check on their homes on Friday, while people started to return to Palmyra a day before.

Qabas/ H. Said