Debilitating Surge: A Terrible Solution for Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The War Party’s decision to send more US troops to Syria is a formula for disaster. Yet again, it will be a catalog of blunders and more intelligence failings on a massive scale.

Not surprisingly, the Syrian people and government officials – as well as the American public – denounce this terrible idea, which is openly supporting a sectarian war against the elected government in Damascus.

For instance, as the debate over greater military action in Syria intensifies (which is well underway, by the way), President Barack Obama’s standing with the public has declined. Public ratings of his handling of foreign policy have slipped and now few Americans approve of his handling of the issue. And when it comes to Obama’s handling of Syria in particular, more disapprove than approve by nearly two-to-one.

The new development comes as US officials say they are sending more special operations troops to Syria, where the contingent of American fighters currently numbers high. US officials say the additional troops – in the new surge – would be used to bolster Special Forces sent to Syria several months ago. Meaning, they are going to do more of what they are already doing, including an increase of the current capabilities – airstrikes and ground operations in what they call ISIL war.

The problem is that airstrikes in the past – in the first surge – “admittedly” failed, and surely will fail again to stop ISIL this time. It is not a good idea to pursue it and will not help to stabilize Syria either. Experience tells us that this false solution would make the situation much worse – particularly seeing that the War Party doesn’t have the endorsement of the Syrian government and most importantly the UN Security Council. There are good reasons for the issue to arise though:

1-The whole idea of the new surge is designed to derail the ongoing peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition. It is in fact designed to resuscitate the pre-planned agenda: Partition of Syria on ethnic-sectarian lines. This is while Syria has an all-inclusive unity government. Many towns and regions have also been liberated, meaning Syria has what it takes to ensure its own security and territorial integrity.

2-While the press has focused primary attention on the terrorist group of ISIL in the new surge, the future of Syria depends on its people. They are the ones that will decide who will be their next president. Also, they will never accept a partitioned state nor the lines the US, Israel and their partners in crime have drawn as their desired outcome of the war.

3-Just like the people of Syria, the world community, particularly the European Union which has been drowned in the wave of Syrian refugee crisis – will never buy the deadly partition of Syria either. The pre-planned agenda to redraw the Middle East map may be what Washington wants, but the world will oppose it, as it will create more chaos and more refugees.

The lesson is obvious: The world has had enough of America’s surge and mission creep policies. The way forward in Syria would require uniting the different populations there, under one central government, to flush out the foreign-backed terrorist goons and proxies.

The world community should at the same time continue to help the Syrians build the capacity of a national security force against ISIL – “admittedly” a product of the US government and Israel, regimented and trained to implement the monstrous plan of splitting Syria and Iraq on ethnic-sectarian lines under the “Biden Plan”.

The mainstream narrative surrounding this war, and the endless catastrophes it bequeathed to Syria and Europe, is that it was the result of a series of deliberate “intelligence failures” (Western support for moderate vs. extremist outfits) and regime-change fantasies. The silliest thing is that Iran and Russia – Syria’s main allies in the Real War on Terror – were blamed for all of these false claims and failings.

The truth is, there were no “intelligence failings” over the deliberate war on Syria. Notably, Syria was a democratic and unitary state until the regime changers decided to turn it into a failed state in a debilitating Western-sponsored war and in collusion with sectarian paramilitaries and proxy forces.