Pentagon Still Training Islamist Militants in Syria

The Pentagon has admitted that it’s currently training Syrian rebels. The US Army Colonel Steve Warren told journalists on Friday that ‘dozens of people are now being trained’, without disclosing any additional details.

Sputnik-Middle East

However, US officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the training takes place in Turkey.

The latest effort comes as a revamp of the Pentagon’s previous multimillion dollar program aimed at training and arming thousands of Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State jihadists.

However, the initial plan ended in a major scandal, after it was revealed that only a handful of trainees were left in the end.

Radio Sputnik discussed the latest revelations with Middle East analyst and Editor of Politics First magazine Marcus Papadopoulos.

“Ever since the end of 2011 beginning of 2012 when the West really began to intervene in Syria, the West has projected this idea to the world that honorable America is training and arming freedom fighters in Syria,” the analyst said.

“The reality is that America is not honorable and that the people who the Americans have been training for the last five years in Syria are not freedom fighters, they are not rebels. They are militants. They are Islamist militants. They are terrorists. These are the people who have been carrying out some of the most heinous crimes imaginable not just against Sunnis in Syria but also against Shia, Alawites, Jews and Christians.”

He further spoke about how the US has a long history of working with Islamists. He gave examples of Afghanistan and Bosnia and how the US had contact with Osama bin Laden.Talking about Syria, Warren said that the US has not renounced its objective of overthrowing the Syria government. Similarly the US has not told Turkey to close its border with Syria although Turkey is a strong US ally.

“American strategy in Syria is a total and utter mess, it is completely chaotic. They have an openly stated objective which is the overthrow of President Assad and the Syrian government. That of course contravenes UN charter and the International law but since when have the Americans been genuinely committed to international law and the UN charter,” the analyst said.

He further spoke about the different branches of the American government and how they have been supporting various groups in Syria and how all those groups have one thing in common. And that is that all of them are Islamist terrorist groups.

The analyst also said that these weapons that are being used in Syria right now can later on be used against the Americans themselves.