HDP Proposes Law for Peace and Resolution of Kurdish Question

HDP Deputies Baluken and Demirel
Kurdish Question

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has made a legislative proposal in Parliament to establish peace and legally guarantee all previous and future peace talks regarding the Kurdish question. Named the ‘Societal Peace and Negotiation Law,’ the proposal states that the recent period of conflict has led to great losses and pains and requests a full return to negotiations and the ‘Resolution Process’ of the Kurdish question.

Proposed by HDP Deputy Chairs’ Çağlar Demirel and Idris Baluken to the Parliament Presidency, the legislative proposal’s preamble contains examples from countries where similar issues to the Kurdish question were experienced.

Most critical moments in Turkey’s history…

Highlighting the missed opportunities for peace during the past 30 years of conflict because of the state’s disregard for the fundamental rights of the Kurdish people, the preamble says, “In 2013 the hope for peace in Turkey had reached its zenith. On 28 February 2015 at the Dolmabahce Palace, the representatives of our (HDP) party, representative of the government and state officials convened with the full knowledge of President Erdogan and Mr. Abdullah Öcalan to declare the agreement we had reached. This was one of the most critical moments in the political history of Turkey.”

Let’s extinguish this fire

The preamble also emphasises that following an end to the process on 5 April 2015, the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan was aggravated, leading to an intensification of the conflict, which has meant unimaginable losses and pains. “If politics does not extinguish the fire that is raging on with a full return to the Resolution Process and negotiations then unfortunately the suffering and pain is going to continue,” reads the preamble.

The process must be taken under guarantee

The proposal also states that it is only possible to protect the peace process with a legal document and other confidence building measures and continues, “If this proposal is accepted and becomes law it is also necessary for all anti-democratic regulations and laws to be lifted and end so that obstacles in the way of peace can be cleared. In this context the abolition of the Anti Terror Law and the Internal Security Law, reduction of the election threshold, democratic changes in the Turkish Penal Code, Criminal Court Law, Policing Law (PVSK) and the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations (2911), the lifting of reservations on international agreements Turkey has signed and an end to the village guard system will mean important steps have been taken on the road to peace.”

The Monitoring Committee…

The preamble also proposes the removal of nationalist and discriminatory expressions in written law and calls for new regulations regarding language rights, before going on to read, “the inclusion of a Monitoring Committee in meetings between Mr. Öcalan and the state will guarantee the security of these meetings.”

HDP: First Step to Peace is an End to Öcalan’s Isolation
HDP: First Step to Peace is an End to Öcalan's Isolation
Kurdish Question

The Peoples’ Democratic Party, HDP has released the final declaration of its one-day Party Assembly meeting on 2 April in Ankara. It was said global and regional developments and the political situation in Turkey were discussed at the meeting.

Together we can stop the war

The declaration emphasised the mounting pressure on freedom of thought and speech in Turkey and suppression of those demanding peace saying, “To remain silent and passive in the face of everything that is happening would be to become party to the crimes.” The declaration added that those with conscience would not give up on their struggle and accept the impending darkness and reiterated the HDP’s insistence on struggle saying, “We are once again calling on all political circles, occupational groups, civil society groups and individuals anxious about developments, who want a return to peace, who are aiming for a democratic country, who are against an authoritarian, one-man dictatorial system, a monist society and state mentality to ‘come together to stop the war, to bring about victory together.’

AKP is responsible for war

The HDP also accused the AKP for the war that is raging on in the region and said that the Turkish government’s and President’s enmity towards the Rojava revolution and the joint democratic life and administration being created there had meant they had developed ties with jihadist groups like the Islamic State, Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, putting the lives of Syrians and people of Turkey at risk.

First step Öcalan

The declaration also highlighted the HDP’s desire to contribute to a peaceful environment inside and outside the country and underlined how important it was for the isolation of imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan to be lifted. The declaration read, “For this environment of peace to established and for an end to the current conflict and return to the resolution process an end needs to be put to the isolation of Mr. Öcalan.”

AKP creating ‘Arab belt’

The declaration statement also attended to political developments in the Middle East and said, “The AKP government’s ending of the widely supported resolution process, an obstacle in the way of conflict, and its war policy that has destroyed Kurdish regions like Cizre, Silopi, Sur and now Nusaybin, Şırnak and Yüksekova and killed thousands of people has weakened the desire of a co-existence. This destruction has created financial opportunities for pro-government groups and individuals. Furthermore plans are being made for demographic change, which will lead to serious problems. 50 years ago the Baath Regime in Syria formed the ‘Arab belt’ [by relocating Arabs in Kurdish areas] now the AKP and its building contractors are locating Syrian refugees in areas they are constructing. All along the [Turkey-Syria] border but primarily in Cizre, Silopi, Nusaybin, Ceylanpınar and Viranşehir the government is locating Syrian Arabs that it has given citizenship to.”

The HDP’s declaration also appealed for solidarity with the people of region and asked people to participate in the ‘From Cizre to Sur Solidarity Campaign.’

Recently the HDP had also called for a return to the resolution process.