Syrian Front: Russian Airforce Launched 146 Airstrikes on Da’esh Targets Near Palmyra City

Syrian Front: Palmyra Triangle Under Syrian Army Control

Russian Coordination Center: Russian Air Force launched 146 airstrikes on ISIS sites near Palmyra  city
24 March، 2016
Lattakia, SANA

The Russian Coordination Center at Hmeimeem airport said on Thursday that 7 breaches of the cessation of hostilities by terrorists were observed in Syria during the past 24 hours.

The Center said in a statement that the 5 breaches took place in Aleppo countryside and 2 in Lattakia countryside, raising the total number of breaches by terrorist organizations to 278 since the cessation of hostilities agreement came into force on February 27th.

The center pointed out that gunmen belonging to “Ahrar al-Sham” targeted with mortar shells two towns in Lattakia countryside while rocket shells hit the sites of Kurdish Protection Units in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo.

The Center stated that the locals of Aleppo city informed the center that ISIS is gathering its forces in the area surrounding the towns of Khan Hafir, Mran, Um Adasa and Shamir in a sign that the organization is conducting preparations for a new attack on the Syrian army’s positions in the province of Aleppo.

The statement added that the Russian Coordination Center at Hmeimeem airport and the US coordination center in Amman discussed during a phone call the issue of exchanging information about the terrorists of “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Syria.

The Russian Air Force carried out 146 airstrikes on the sites of ISIS terrorist organization in the area surrounding Tadmour (Palmyra) city between March 20-23, the center said.

The center said that more than 320 terrorists were killed and 6 command centers, 5 tanks, 6 artillery systems, 2 arms depots and 15 vehicles were destroyed during the airstrikes.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

Russian Defense Ministry: Cooperation between Turkish regime and ISIS proved by documents
24 March، 2016
Moscow, SANA

Russian defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashinkov said that the relation between the Turkish regime and ISIS terrorist organization is proved with evidence which is confirmed again by press reports.

Konashinkov explained that a few months ago, the Russian defense ministry presented irrefutable evidence about the involvement of Turkey and its leadership in organizing the stealing of oil from Syria and providing terrorists with arms and ammunition.

Investigations made by Russian RT TV channel proved again that the Turkish regime is directly involved in funding and training international terrorists who are active in Syria, Konashinkov added, pointing out that the striking evidence of this involvement in robbing the wealth of Syria will increase with the advance achieved by the Syrian army and the defeat of ISIS terrorists.

An RT channel team visited al-Shaddadi, Qamishli and Tal Abiyad in Hasaka countryside after expelling ISIS terrorists from these areas and gathered evidence that reveal the relationship between the organization and Turkey, especially about Turley allowing the terrorists and mercenaries to come to Syria from all over the world with their passports.

Qabas/ Manal

Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (March 24, 2016)

General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides

Representatives of the Russian Centre for reconciliation have held working sessions with citizens, political and public representatives in three inhabited localities of the Aleppo province.

Preliminary truce agreements with elders of a locality in the Damascus province have been achieved. The total number of settlements, the leaders of which have signed reconciliation agreements, has remained 51.

Negotiations with field commanders of 4 armed formations active in the Damascus province have been held. The sides discussed issues of ceasefire regime joining.

The number of ceasefire application forms signed with leaders of armed groupings has remained 43.

Topical issues of returning of refugees and recovering damaged infrastructure of Kinsibba have been discussed during session with administration of the Latakia province.

Results of ceasefire monitoring

In general, the ceasefire regime in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic has been observed. In the course of last 24 hours, 7 ceasefire violations have been registered (Latakia – 2, Aleppo – 5).

In Latakia, armed formations of Ahrar al-Sham grouping, which had claimed to belong to the opposition one, carried out a mortar shelling against Sandran and Akch Baer from Shamruran.

In Aleppo, armed groupings of Sultan Murad Brigade formation opened fire with multiple launch rocket systems against positions of the Kurdish militia detachments in Sheikh Maqsood from Ashrafiya.

Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Forces did not make strikes on armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.

Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria

 In the course of last 24 hours, two convoys delivered more than 6.5 tons of humanitarian cargos to citizens of Fan al-Shamam, Fan al-Wastani, Mureiwed (Hama province), and Babilla (Damascus province). Food products were the basis of the cargos. Representatives of administration of the Hama and Damascus provinces, leaders of local authorities and members of the public were present at the delivering of the cargos.

Another humanitarian convoys to the provinces of Damascus and Homs are being continued.

Additional information

Leadership of the Russian Centre for reconciliation (Hmeymim airbase) and the American Coordination Centre (Amman) held another teleconference session. The sides have discussed topical issues of exchanging information about locations and actions taken by Jabhat al-Nusra armed groups.

According to the information, which had been received from citizens of the Aleppo province, the ISIS militants are concentrating near Khan Khafira, Marran, Shamir, Umm Adasa, and Deir Anta. Concentration of these forces is the evidence of preparing for offensive against positions of the government troops in the province by terrorists.

On March 20-23, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out 41 sorties near Palmyra (Homs province) engaging 146 military objects of terrorists. The aircraft have eliminated 6 control centres, more than 320 terrorists, 5 tanks, 6 artillery guns, 2 depots with munitions, and 15 pieces of automobile hardware.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Syrian Desert Falcons in Control of Haya Mountain Near Palmyra

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army and its allied forces took full control of the Haya mountain range East of Palmyra, killing at least 70 ISIL militants in daylong operation. [PHOTOS]

Desert Falcons
Sputnik Gallery

The Battle for Palmyra: 'Desert Falcons' Ready to Swoop In on Daesh
The Battle for Palmyra: 'Desert Falcons' Ready to Swoop In on DaeshThe Battle for Palmyra: 'Desert Falcons' Ready to Swoop In on Daesh
The Battle for Palmyra: 'Desert Falcons' Ready to Swoop In on Daesh

The army advances further on Palmyra, establishing control over more areas
24 March، 2016
Homs, SANA

The army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, have advanced further in the vicinity if the ancient city of Tdmur (Palmyra), a UNESCO world Heritage site, in the central Homs province.

A military source told SANA that al-Qubour valley and al-Qusour Mountains, located to the west of Palmyra, came in the army’s hands, after earlier restoring al-Tar Mountain, 3 km west of Palmyra Castle.

ISIS gatherings in those areas were all eliminated to the last one.

The army units and the popular defense groups advanced further and killed or injured all ISIS terrorists at Dedeman Hotel and al-Ziraa roundabout at the southwestern entrance of the city.

The source pointed out that the army units dismantled the mines and explosives left behind by the terrorists.

Army units arrived in the south western outskirts of Palmyra after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon ISIS terrorists in all axes of clashes in the area surrounding the city.

SANA reporter said that army operations concentrated on Thursday afternoon on gatherings of ISIS terrorists towards Palmyra citadel and Syriatel hill after advancing from the south western entrance of the city towards to the gas station.

Other army units advanced towards the warehouses from the north eastern direction after establishing control over al-Tar Mountain.

Palmyra citadel which oversees the archeological city suffered vandalism and destruction by ISIS terrorist organization that robbed hundreds of artifacts from the National Museum in the city and destroyed a number of historical monuments including the tower tombs, Arch of Triumph, BaalShamin temple and many others.

Meanwhile, a military source assured that Syria’s Army Air Force destroyed during intensive operations which were carried out on Thursday afternoon reinforcements of ISIS terrorists which were coming from al-Sukhneh city 70 kilometers to the north east of Palmyra in addition to gatherings of the Takfiri organization in al-Teibeh village on al-Raqqa road.

A series of deliberate vandalism acts were inflicted by ISIS on ruins and historical sites in Palmyra after the terrorist organization took over it last May, where its members destroyed last October a nearly 2,000-year-old arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra.

Last September three ancient tower tombs that date back to different eras from 44 to 103 A.D, including the Tower of Elahbel, built in 103 AD and regarded as the finest example of this type of building, in addition to the Tower of Iamliku and the Tower of Kitot were destroyed by terrorists.

ISIS terrorists also destroyed last August large parts of the ancient Temple of Bel, dating back to 32 AD, and Temple of Baalshamin, while in early July, ISIS destroyed the 1,900-year-old “Lion of Al-Lat” statue in Palmyra.

Military operations against Da’esh in the vicinity of Palmyra


Army units targeted gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the northeastern countryside of the southern Sweida province, according to the military source.

The operations resulted in destroying vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns, and damaging others in Asheiheb al-Janoubi Hill.

Another car for ISIS terrorists was destroyed in an army operation northwest of al-Khazan area in al-Qasr village.

Stash of over 8 thousand Captagon pills recovered in raid in Sweida

Sweida Criminal Security Department seized in the past two days around 8000 Captagon tablets.

A source at the Department said in a statement to SANA reporter that the amount of Captagon tablets was hidden in a motorcycle left in a farm to the west of Atil village in the direction of Rimet Hazem village.

The source noted that investigation is underway to know the details of the incident and the people involved in it.

One civilian killed in ISIS landmine blast in Hasaka eastern countryside
24 March، 2016
Hasaka, SANA

One civilian was killed when a landmine of those left behind by ISIS went off in the eastern countryside of Hasaka province.

A source at Hasaka Police Command told SANA reporter that the landmine exploded on the road linking Sawda and Abad with Rajm al-Fayyad villages, killing one person and injuring another.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

Hero of Russian Special Forces Killed in Syria Operation

A Russian Special forces officer has died a hero in Syria during a target-designation mission near the city of Palmyra, a spokesman for the Russian military contingent at Hmeimim air base told reporters on Thursday. The officer’s name, rank and the date of the accident remain undisclosed.

Sputnik – Middle East

According to the spokesman, “the officer carried out a mission in Tadmor near Palmyra for a week, spotting crucial ISIL facilities and providing precise coordinates for Russian airstrikes,” as reported by RIA Novosti.

The spokesman stated that the soldier had been located and was surrounded by terrorists — and chose to draw their fire on himself.

“He died as a hero,” the spokesman said.

The presence of Russian special forces, conducting target designation missions, was earlier confirmed by Colonel General Aleksandr Dvornikov, a deputy commander of the Central Military District in Russia and chief of Russia’s campaign in Syria.

“I won’t deny that our Special Operations Forces (SOF) are deployed in Syria. They conduct ground reconnaissance of pre-selected targets for Russian warplanes, assist in targeting warplanes in remote areas and perform other tasks,” the general said. “Take into account,” he added, “that corresponding forces from the US and other members of the [US-led] coalition are performing similar missions in Syria.”

Moscow has acknowledged the deaths of 5 Russian military servicemen in Syria. The first was Vadim Kostenko, 19, who allegedly committed suicide because of a romantic attachment. On November 24, bomber pilot Oleg Peshkov died after being attacked by a US-made Turkish Air Force fighter jet. Alexander Pozynich, a marine who took part in Peshkov’s rescue mission, was killed by terrorists. On February 3, an unnamed military counselor was reported killed in a mortar attack. Also killed in a bombardment was Sergey Chupov, a soldier with the Internal Troops of Russia.

According to reports, the Russian Air Force stationed at Hmeimim conducted 41 sorties around Palmyra, hitting 146 terrorist military objects, between March 20-23. Over 320 militants, 6 command centers, and a number of vehicles were reported eliminated. Syrian troops on Thursday entered the ancient city of Palmyra, which had been controlled by Daesh since May 2015. Clashes were ongoing in the city at last report.

Syrian Army Wins back Strategic Region in Eastern Ghouta

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said the Syrian Army and their allies have established full control over strategic hills in Eastern Ghouta region in Damascus province after heavy clashes with the al-Nusra terrorists in the region.

“The Syrian Army alongside popular forces managed to push back the militant groups’ defenses in Marj region in Eastern Ghouta province, and seized full control over the strategic Tal al-Frat region.

Meanwhile, humanitarian aid packages were distributed in at least three towns in the Southern parts of Damascus province to provide humanitarian relief to the beleaguered civilians living inside the war-torn area.

According to a source in Damascus, the humanitarian relief convoy has delivered aid to the residents of three towns of Yalda, Babbila and Seyedi Meqdad in the Southern parts of Damascus province.

The humanitarian aid comprising 600 food packages and 200 packages which included toy for kids were delivered as a part of Russian support to the areas in Damascus province where peace and reconciliation are established.

In a recent development, the Syrian air force pounded the al-Nusra militants’ positions in Eastern Ghouta ,Damascus province, inflicting a number of casualties on the terrorists.

“The Syrian fighter jets pounded the military positions and gathering centers of the al-Nusra terrorists in al-Marj region in Eastern Ghouta, which resulted in the destruction of the terrorists’ military grid,” a battlefield source said.

The Syrian air force has intensified its air raids on militants’ strongholds across Ghouta region inflicting growing loss and damage on the terrorists.

Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Cripple ISIL in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian and Russian air force jets conducted intensive airstrikes in Raqqa province, destroying several ISIL military installations across the province in Northern Syria, a battlefield source said on Thursday.

Syrian and Russian warplanes repeatedly struck the terrorist group’s supply hubs inside the city of Raqqa, leaving several terrorists dead and significant amount of their equipment destroyed.

The airstrikes over Raqqa province have recently intensified as the Syrian Army is running an operation to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra.

Among the many targets for the Syrian and Russian air forces are the terrorist group’s primary supply routes to Hama province and the oil rich town of Al-Sukhanah in Homs province.

As a result of the aerial campaign, the Syrian infantry forces have been able to quickly advance in suburban areas near Palmyra, while ISIL struggles to get the necessary support for its fighters.

In recent days, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have been engaged in heavy clashes with ISIL in Northern Raqqa province.

The clashes began as the ISIL launched a wave of suicide attacks on the YPG and SDF centers in the Southern parts of Salouk town, Northern Raqqa.

In another development in Raqqa, the ISIL terrorists’ offensive against the YPG forces in Jantrari village in the Eastern parts of Ain Issa town, was responded by the Kurdish resistance forces.

During the clashes between the YPG and the ISIL terrorists in the region, three militants and two Kurds were killed.

Syrian Air Force Destroys ISIL Positions in Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Air Force launched several airstrikes on ISIL positions in the city of Deir Ezzur’s Eastern Suburbs on Thursday, a military source said.

“The Syrian Air Force also destroyed as many as a dozen pick-up trucks and armored vehicles of ISIL in the al-Uthmaniyah district,” the source said.

In addition to the destruction of the terrorist group’s vehicles, the Syrian air force jets destroyed an ISIL warehouse during the aerial operation over the region, the source added.

In a recent development, ISIL’s top field commander in Deir Ezzur province was killed by the Syrian Army when his unit launched a large-scale offensive to seize the provincial capital, a source reported on Wednesday.

According to a source from the Syrian Army’s Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard, the ISIL commander was identified as “Salahiddeen Al-Beljiki”, a veteran terrorist from Belgium.

One day after Al-Beljiki’s death, the Syrian Armed Forces also reported the death of another ISILL field command “Sayaf Al-Baqawi”, nom de guerre “Sayaf Al-Mughrabi.

Al-Baqawi’s was a Moroccan national that led ISIL’s “Al-Bitar Battalions” in the battle for Deir Ezzur province and his death was reported to the Moroccan authorities after his identification.

4,500 American and European ISIL Militants Killed in Syria, Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- A recent report revealed, that 4500 ISIL militants out of ten thousand American and European terrorists who joined the ISIL were killed in Iraq and Syria.

The report said “almost half of the western jihadists fighting for ISIL have been killed in Syria and Iraq,” noting that, “4500 foreign fighters, including women and youths, were killed in Iraq and Syria during the battles, aerial bombardments and artillery shelling conducted in the two countries,” Iraqi News said.

The New America Foundation for Studies and Research said in a statement said, “Around six per cent of the women fighters have also died in battles,” indicating that, “The statistics excluded the foreign fighters of Afghanistan, Chechnya, Asia and African countries.”