Al-Jaafrai: We Will Respond to Staffan de Mistura’s Paper During the Next Round of Geneva Talks

23 March, 2016
Geneva, SANA

Bashar al-Jaafari, head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation at the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, said the atmosphere was positive during the session of talks the delegation held with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura this morning.

Speaking to the reporters following the meeting, al-Jaafari said de Mistura handed the delegation a paper, that will be studied after the delegation returns to Damascus.

Answers to the paper will be put forth in the next round of talks in Geneva, he added.

He pointed out that the Republic delegation is the “only delegation who has submitted an official work paper for these indirect talks brokered by de Mistura since the very first session, whereas we were handed a document only at the end of the second round, our position on which will be put forward at the start of the next round.”

Al-Jaafari started his press briefing with reading out an official statement of condemnation of the terrorist attacks that struck the Belgian capital Brussels on Tuesday, saying Syria stresses that these attacks “an inevitable consequence of the wrong policies and of tolerance for terrorism to realize certain agendas and attempts to legitimize it through trying to classify as “moderate” terrorist groups that are actually but offshoots of the Takfiri Wahhabi doctrine.”

Al-Jaafari said some of the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Brussels had been involved in killing the Syrian people before they returned back to their home countries and to Brussels.

The same goes for the perpetrators of Paris terrorist attacks, he added, noting that the issue of combating terrorism has been resolved internationally and within the counterterrorism subcommittees at the Security Council.

Al-Jaafari highlighted that dozens of reports from these subcommittees confirm that there are tens of thousands of foreign mercenary terrorists that are killing the Syrian people and destroying the infrastructure in Syria and “who, some in the Western world and in some Arab capitals and Turkey, just don’t feel ashamed to call ‘moderate opposition’.”

The Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva held several sessions with de Mistura, the latest was on Monday during which al-Jaafari described the session as an important as talks dealt in-depth issues that constitute priorities for Syria and the whole world.

De Mistura prepares “a paper of principles” at the end of Geneva round of talks
24 March, 2016
Geneva, SANA
ديمستوراUN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said on Thursday that he has prepared “ a paper of principles” which consists of 12 items to be as “ a common ground” among the Syrian sides which participated in the dialogue of Geneva.

“The paper I have prepared represents my conception as a mediator for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, it includes guiding principles that help in the next stage, but don’t enter in the details,” de Mistura said at a press conference in Geneva.

He added “I am satisfied with what has been achieved as we could exceed this round without any problem or rejection from any part,” indicating he will seek to enter in the details in the next round.

“We will start the next round of talks on the time that we have fixed which couldn’t be postponed after the 9th or 10th of April as the participating delegations can arrive successively,” de Mistura said.

He added “I have a positive impression on all the sides which participated in the dialogue, they were positive and behaved in a great professional way,” affirming “the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic has focused on the principles that would lead us to the details while the opposition delegation concentrated on the future of Syria.”

De Mistura pointed out that the demand of the Syrian people is “cessation of violence”, so “priority is for preserving the cessation of hostilities agreement and the continuation of the humanitarian aid.”

“Maintaining those two demands after years of war is not possible without a political process which leads to a solution to the crisis,” de Mistura said, affirming that the basis of this solution is international resolution No. 2254.

He affirmed that applying the cessation of hostilities agreement has positively affected the life of the Syrians, calling for keeping work in it as it helps make the Syrian-Syrian dialogue a success.

De Mistura called for keeping push towards the dialogue process, hoping the Russian-US talks in Moscow would offer help in the next stage.

He hoped the Kurds would participate in the Syrian dialogue, saying ” I discussed this issue at the Security Council,” adding “the Kurds are Syrians and I will seek to have them in the dialogue and representation would include all Syrians.”

The paper prepared by de Mistura calls for maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, rejecting any foreign intervention and rejecting terrorism as well as calling for ensuring suitable conditions for the returning of refugees to homeland.


De Mistura, Mogherini: Combating terrorism and finding solution to crisis in Syria are interests of all
23 March, 2016
Geneva, SANA
11UN Special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura affirmed on Wednesday that priority is to defeat terrorism and find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, saying “all countries have a joint interest in achieving these goals.”

“What has happened in Brussels and Istanbul and in everywhere affirms the need for speeding up efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria,” de Mistura said at a press conference with Feredica Mogherini, the European Union’s Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief.

He added that the attendance of Mogherini in Geneva before the end of this round of Syrian-Syrian dialogue came in response to his invitation “to assert Europe’s commitment to make this dialogue a success.”

Mogherini, for her part, expressed European Union’s support to the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva, affirming that solution to the crisis in Syria is an interest for the Syrians and Europe as well as for the whole world, adding that she discussed with the Syrian sides today issues of dialogue and the support offered by EU to make it a success.

She clarified that the threats that encounter Europe and other regions in the world are linked to the presence of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, adding that confronting this threat in an active way requires a collective work among all states to end the crisis in Syria.

Mogherini said that she held talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry and met de Mistura to discuss the best ways through which Europe can support his efforts to have the political process in Syria succeed in light of the International Syria Support Group’s meetings and UN relevant resolutions.

She hoped the political track to resolve the crisis in Syria would start, be active and give outcomes in the interests of the Syrians and Europe.